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Thread: Double diapering at night

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    Default Double diapering at night

    I have decided to double diaper myself at bedtime, so my diaper won't need changing or leak during the night because I find I get up in the night sometimes and pee in it but before I have a chance to change it, I fall asleep again, I wake up in the morning and leak as a result.

    I have trouble sleeping sometimes so I think the extra bulk make it easier for to sleep as I know my diaper will protect my bed and pyjamas and it is a security feeling even if I don't max out. I think it will also help me bed wet as I have more security feeling.

    I am thinking of poking holes in the bottom of one of my diapers (the one that is going to be inside the other one) so it will go in my other diaper and will stop or prevent leaks from happening.

    Should I do this any other way?, has anybody found it easier to bed wet with extra padding? Does it smooth you to sleep to be double diapered?

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    I've found either way to be generally irrelevant in respects to doubling up, when you wear so much padding, they will absorb close to a gallon depending on brand.

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    What i usually do is to simply put on a diaper, then plastic pants with a booster outside of the diaper inside the plastic pants, it usually soaks up all moisture inside the plastic pants and pee that gets out!

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    i know this jumps into the old disposables vs cloth .. but, in truth the best way to avoid leaks in bed is using cloth diapers and plastic panties. Disposables just do not have enough material up and around the leg, which (at least for me) is where i leak from when i am asleep.

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    I've worn cloth over disposables and plastic pants. Disposables can hold a lot, but cloth is the best at wicking. However, a booster inside a good ABU disposable diaper is usually enough for me along with plastic pants. Goodnites Trufit inserts make one hell of a good booster pad, they hold a good amount and swell nicely.

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    I wet on my back when I first get up, to be honest I havn't tried wetting on my side yet, that on my diapers to do list.

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    If just laying down i too usually wet while on my back, but i move about a bit when i sleep, so that's why i leak from the legs i guess

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    Hope you find a good solution. Can you dont swish diaper and see if something else work better?

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    Most leaks happen more with side sleepers in disposable's

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    I tried side wetting double diapered and it was fine, it works perfectly plus it feels nice!

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