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Thread: How do you wet whilst walking?

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    Default How do you wet whilst walking?

    I am trying to wet in public when I am walking and standing in the checkout line. I am scared of leaking whilst I walk, who here wets whilst walking? I can wet in any other position but I have only just started trying to wet whilst walking. Any tips to help me learn?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    I am trying to wet in public when I am walking and standing in the checkout line. I am scared of leaking whilst I walk, who here wets whilst walking? I can wet in any other position but I have only just started trying to wet whilst walking. Any tips to help me learn?
    Just step out onto your driveway in the evening at twilight. Nobody's out, nobody acn see you anyway. For me the problem has been getting a stream started. Once I'm started, I can walk easier. Walking faster is harder. Practice practice, mind over matter.

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    You have to be absolutely confident that you are not going to leak.. OR that any leaking will not be an issue. Your brain will absolutely over-ride any amount of willpower you set against it to wet, if you have fear that you will embarrass yourself (granting that is not something you are into). Strangely for me, i have less fear of wetting a slightly damp diaper than wetting a fresh dry diaper. It feels like that first wetting is always a bit of a 'leap of faith', while the second or third wetting my only concern is diaper capacity.

    Being a girl do you wear skirts or dresses when you are diapered in public? (not that there is anything wrong with boys wearing skirts or dresses). i must confess that i do not know all the physics and mechanics of wearing a dress or a skirt, but it seems to me if wearing skirt or a dress, any leak will just fall harmlessly to the ground, or if you are a good shot on a shoe?

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    I sometimes wear dresses and skirts, sometimes with tights but most days it's shorts or jeans.

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    Well my advice would be, after getting a dry diaper and plastic panties (if you don't have some you might look into getting them, they add an ounce of security and give you a few more moments to react to a leaky diaper), wait until you first have to wet and only wet a small amount, then get dressed and walk around the block. You should still need to go from only dampening the diaper, and the moisture should 'down there' should facilitate wetting again. If you plan your walk carefully you can have no concerns that anyone would see you even if you did have a major leak. Make a point of doing this several days in a row if you can. This should get you acclimated to 'wetting on the go'

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    As others have said you need to remove that fear of leaking, so to do it easily you could wear a high capacity diaper so there's no fear.
    I rarely wet when walking (because I don't go out diapered often too haha) but when I've done it I usually start wetting a little bit and I stop, and then I start walking and the urge to pee will come back pretty soon. I suppose that the more practice you get the easier will be for you.

    Good luck :P

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    I am practising it when I go out, I have also found the past few days that my amount of pee expelled is smaller than it used to be due to 24/7 but using the toilet sometimes for 4-5 months

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    I've always had difficulty with this, I find it similar to driving - too distracting to allow the necessary steady coordination of muscles. I usually stop walking, stand with my legs slightly apart, then once the flow starts I can sometimes set off again although that will often stop the flow. Fear of leaks is definitely the #1 inihibitor so you must take time to practise and prepare, and test your padding, until you are very confident in its performance. But there seems to be more to it than that, as I have no trouble wetting in front of other people when standing still. I can go anywhere including in checkout lines, parties, in a crowded bar or a 1-to-1 situation, but when walking it becomes way harder to focus on the right muscles to make it happen even in favourable conditions.

    The only time it's really effortless is after I've done a poo (which I can do easily while walking), I sometimes flood the nappy as part of the process of relaxing once my bottom is empty, even while still walking. Also my DL GF never had any dfficulty, though girls do seem to wet more freely overall, not least due to straighter plumbing.

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    Practice makes perfect! At this point, I don't have a problem doing it anywhere or anytime. 24/7 for 3 years...

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    If I know I have a trusty diaper on, I have no problems in any position.

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