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    Default advice?

    ok, so i haven't tried diapers yet, but im not opposed to it. but im curious about it? so everyone comment your favorite thing about wearing a dipee and your favorite brands!

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    For me, the favorite thing about wearing diapers is that it regresses me. I'm overcome by all these feelings, feelings that would never happen any other way. I'm an older member, so I enjoy wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants. When I'm wearing and wetting, I really get into the idea of feeling little like a toddler, and that's why I do it. It's something that's always been a part of me and I'm glad it's something I can do, that hurts no one. It's a win/win for me.

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    Don't try store brands (Depend, Always, CVS, ect..) for your first time. Order a good brand online from reputable source (XP medical, Bambinos, Northshore, ABU, etc..).

    I like the comfort, security, stress relief, and convienence of diapers.

    My preferred brands are:

    Confidry 24/7
    Tranquility ATN
    ABU Simple
    Abena M4
    Bambino Teddy
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    My favorite things about diapers? They're very soft and comfortable, even more so than normal underwear. When you take your pants off and open up a diaper, seeing all the soft white padding that's about to surround you, the crinkle, the feeling of the diaper coming up and covering you as you tape it into place and feel soft thick absorbent padding between your legs your subconscious releases and feels 'safe'. All stress melts away knowing you're protected, each footstep your body naturally struggles with a thick diaper as the padding forces your legs apart as you walk. You feel the plastic around your hips. You know you're diapered and doing something taboo. For some, like me, this is a huge turn on. All the while you feel naughty, that you're breaking an unwritten societal rule and it is quite a rush. You want to continue as it is soothing yet stimulating depending on your taste.

    Best diapers?

    Abena Abriform M4/L4
    DC Diapers
    Anything thick and highly absorbent. Go big or go home right?

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    I like the security of having soft thick padding in between my legs. I like having a crinkle with each move I make reminding me I'm wearing a diaper, and how it swells after wetting, telling me I belong in one. But I also really love playing video games while padded; it's quite great to just be lazy, play video games with a bottle by my side, and use my diaper in convenience like a baby.

    My first actual adult diaper was a Molicare Super Plus and I still wear them. They're very smooth, fit nice and snug, and are reliably absorbent without having to resort to a super-thick AB diaper. Definitely what I recommend for someone else's first time.

    As far as my favorite AB diaper goes, I'm starting to lean toward ABU's Little Pawz after enjoying Bambino Bellissimos for quite a while. Both brands have highest-standard absorbency, they're really thick, very crinkly, and super soft.

    Hope this helps.

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    I think diapers offer a great way to wind down and relax during stressful times. Diapers do a good job of taking your mind off of troubling things for a little bit. My favorite brands are Abu and Rearz, but I have also had good experiences with northshore supremes, confidry 24/7, and xp medical A+ diapers.

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    The security for me is my favourite thing, that comes from the feel, the bulk (not that they have to be really bulky) and the absorbency/protection.

    Suggestions, avoid all cloth like backed medical diapers. Go straight to ABU, MyDiaper, Fabines or Tykables.

    ABUs SDKv2s (Adult Baby Universe Super Dry Kids version 2) IMO is an amazing place to start.

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    My favorite things about them are a sense of oh-so-special adorableness I feel while wearing. I just wanna strut and go, oooh~ Look at me~ Oh so cute as can be~

    ABU Lavenders own my soul.

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    Diapers have a very personal connection for me. They've always been a part of me my whole life.

    There's so many reasons why I love wearing them:

    They are extremely comfortable, more comfortable than any underwear you could possibly imagine. That extra cushion on your butt, around your crotch, and on your lower back can't be beat. The inner lining feels so soft and soothing on bare skin.

    They're secure and calming. A thick, snug diaper hugs your body in a very unique and special way. It's like a security blanket designed just for you that you can wear anywhere and it will always give you peace of mind.

    They're soothing, even perhaps therapeutic. There are so many times where I'll come home after a stressful day of work or school, pad up, and just forget about all of it. Whether I'm in the mood to just lie around in a dry diaper or regress to a baby and play with plushies in a wet or messy diaper, it's one of my favorite ways to relax.

    They're convenient. There's countless times where I've been busy with a test or a work duty, and I've had to use the bathroom, and wished I was diapered. Had I worn a diaper at the time, I would've just used the diaper and continue about my business.

    They're fun. There's just something special and energizing about padding up and doing, well, whatever you want. It makes me feel free, it inspires me, it lets me have a lot of fun, even if just for a few minutes or for however long. Diapers transport me mentally to a different world. It takes me back to when I was a stubborn toddler, refusing to be potty trained, and using my diapers and pull ups as my potty. It takes me back to when I was much more of a free spirit, when I could do anything I wanted, and no one could stop me. It lets me be a kid again, at least for a little while.

    They're adorable. Some of the diapers made for ABDL folks today are even more brightly colored, more creatively designed, and offer a wider variety than true baby diapers. With fun cartoon animals, baby blocks, fade when wet designs and bright colors, it makes me (and many others) want to parade around in nothing more than a t-shirt and a big diaper peeking out from below. And whether I'm crawling, waddling, scooting, walking, rolling or moving however, it makes me feel adorable and cute knowing my clean/wet/messy diaper has got me covered.

    Diapers are more than just an object. They're symbolic, and everyone has their own reasoning as to why they are padded and proud of it. Embrace your curiosity and pad up, just to try it. If you don't end up enjoying it, you at least tried.


    ABU diapers are my personal favorites. Cushies, LittlePawz, Space and SDK diapers are just awesome.

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    Diapers, for me, are primarily a sexual fetish. There is a very small regression element to my diaper-play, but not enough for me to label myself an AB.

    As for my favorite brands, gosh... I'm a mess! Mostly I like baby diapers, as well as the closest things I can find to baby diapers in adult sizes. I'm not small, so wearing actual baby diapers often entails some form of modding or makeshifting. My stash is rather enormous at the moment, but here are my current favorites, in no particular order:

    • (Modern) Pampers Baby Dry 6 -- If I'm careful, I can actually stretch into these and even get the tapes to the tape panel in front. But they're TIGHT! Usually I'll mod these or wear with extensions of some sort.
    • (Modern) Luvs 6 -- Luvs as well as Pampers Easy-Ups are the closest in scent to the Pampers diapers I bought for myself in the late 80's and early 90's when I first dared to take my allowance to the store alone.
    • 1970's/80's-vintage Curity "Day/Night" prefolds (cloth baby diapers) -- What I was raised in, and had access to throughout my youth. I've sort of been stuck in orbit around these diapers my entire life. Very soft, and (to me) extremely babyish. I can actually remember being diapered in these at bedtime when I was three years old. I have several dozen of these, mostly gotten off eBay, and four from my parents' house--that I almost certainly wore as a baby/toddler. Kewl! I often use these Curity diapers for added absorbency in adult cloth diapers, but I also enjoy makeshifting them into adult diapers and wearing them by themselves, which is easily done with a few extra diapers and a few extra pins.
    • Sweet Iris Designs bamboo flats (cloth baby diapers) -- These are actually a new acquisition, and immediately became a favorite. They're an old-school style (flat), but in a bleeding-edge fabric that's amazingly stretchy and extremely accommodating of an adult-sized body. They're also amazingly absorbent. I can stack a couple of these, pin them right on without any mods, and be comfortably protected for hours. And the colors are cute, too! Massively recommended for any old-schoolers here who like flats, and especially for those who want an actual baby diaper that is easily and functionally worn by a larger adult. 'Cause there aren't many of those, and I've been lookin'!
    • Changing Times prefolds (adult cloth diapers) -- We're a bit spoiled in the adult cloth diaper market these days, with many great choices in virtually every size and style. Changing Times uses the same overseas factory to make its diapers as does Green Mountain Diapers and several other makers of baby prefolds. The result is an adult-sized diaper that's otherwise identical in construction and appearance to the popular "diaper twill" cotton diapers that cloth-using moms are diapering with today. I also really like the twill diapers because they take on the same quilted appearance as my old Curity diapers when they're washed.
    • Green Mountain Diapers prefolds (baby cloth diapers) -- Same as the Changing Times prefolds, but sized for toddlers. They're great for adding absorbency to the Changing Times diapers, too.
    • ABU Cushies (adult disposable diapers) -- I don't mind the plastic kind, and they're probably my favorite currently-available adult disposable diaper, but I'll admit to vastly preferring the now-discontinued cloth-backed kind. While they were available, they were far and away the closest in design to modern Pampers of any ABDL diaper. The single-tape design is kind of an important feature for me, too. I've just never cared for the two- and three-tape diapers. On top of being more fiddly, the extra tapes are just...well...not babyish! Baby diapers don't have those extra tapes, so I don't want 'em either!

    Phew! Anyway...

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