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    Hi guys! So for starters, my title is a pun, and I 300% live for puns and pizza. Frozen peanut butter cups are my kyrptonite. I'm graduated from high school but currently looking for a job. I have no idea what exactly id like to do with my life, but i know I'd like to go to college and do something, someday. I like making art and food, reading books and being babied. I'm daddy's trippy princess. I require love and attention to survive.
    Sometimes I'm a bit of a furry, but i think more than anything, I'm a little and a submissive. I have an big interest in being more of an AB and could be interested in taking that farther. Whiiiiich is actually why I am here. I came to the sight looking for advice on binkies and i was automatically in love and needed to sign up! I'm here to give and receive advice and ideas, support, and some new friends I can relate to.

    I forgot to mention.. I LOVE stuffies and baths.
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    Hello Babybeetris and welcome to the group.

    Very nice Introduction.

    You might be interested in our "Foodie" group.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Welcome Bea! My kyrptonite is root beer barrel candies. I've been in love with them since I was a kid! favorite type of food (even before PIZZA) is burritos. Their fast easy to make and most importantly its a finger food. And as far as binkies, binki princess made a video on some than looked awsome! I'm not much into that side but I almost got one anyways they looked so good!

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