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Thread: wearing reins/harness in public?

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    Default wearing reins/harness in public?

    My partner got me some reins/harness from but has anyone worn any in public

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    but i would like to.

    I would like to just go for it in public.

    just let go and be the toddler I am on the inside.

    just need to find a care give that is going to be happy to let me do this.

    I keep thinking about it. it would be a great social experiment. and a lot of fun.

    or have i really lost the plot.

    hee, hee

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    Interesting product.
    I have seen a couple of times older severely autistic children/teenagers who were being led by a larger version of a standard toddler restraint harness to prevent wandering during outings.
    Therefore, this product is not just a BDSM fetish item.

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    I can confirm its used on Autist kids, I have a new neighbor who has a 9 yrs old severely Autist boy, they moved in last week, he talks normally and he's fascinated by planes he's way too friendly with anyone including myself, mother said he's at an age of 4 mentally except he talks normally about anything, he has a special needs stroller and when he's not in it, he's wearing a harness made by

    I always dreamed of using theses, but I wouldn't risk it in the real world, people give dirty looks to mothers that use the harness on 18 months to 3 yrs old kids and myself I think its like a dog leash but I know its for safety, now just imagine an adult with this thing on, unless you're severely disabled, this would get you too much unwanted attention I'm sure.

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    wow!! don't let my parents see this or I'll never be able to slip away in the crowd ever again! I love living at home but a girl needs her freedom sometimes

    I'd feel super self-conscious wearing reins and harness at my age, to be honest

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    I posted pictures back i 2014 of my baby harness ( I no longer have it as I had a purge session about a year ago) . I did wear it out once as a bet, it was on under a loose fitting fleece jacket and was locked! I went to a pub with a friend and we were there for about an hour. it was quite an experience . Click image for larger version. 

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    I've never seen and AB harness before. They don't interest me much and it is something I would never wear in public.

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    I have worn a baby harness with reins in public. Similar to the one shone by sissybaby34. I think they are adorable. The lodge we were at was open to the public. One had to cross the road in order to get to some of the facilities. Not a major highway and not in town. It was their little girl weekend. At least 90% of the guests were part of the little girls group. The nigh club is well attended by the general public. Wore the harness there but not the reins. It was public but not your usual public was attending.

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    oh wow I would try to see if the parents would let us ply and hopfuly become freinds

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