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Thread: I am starting to talk like a toddler!

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    Default I am starting to talk like a toddler!

    I am starting to notice that more childlike statements are coming out of my mouth, thanks to BlondBoy who has made some great videos on YouTube that has really made me regress.

    Like today I was watching TV and I noticed that a farmer have a really red face, I came out with this! "That farmer has a really red face hasn't he?! He proberly has a really red face because farmers are always angry and really fat!"

    If that didn't sounded childlike, I don't know what does! I am glad that happened, but dad did give me a strange look, but then again I can't really tell the difference between facial expressions too well because of my Asperger's/autism. If he asks I should say, this is the way I feel and I don't want to stop.

    What do you suggest I say if he asks why I am speaking like a child? What childlike statements have you come out with when with Vanillas?I am really interested.

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    I would roll with it if my dad were to say I speak like a child XD
    IMO, the more defensive you are about a subject the sketchier it looks

    As for baby talk myself, I tend to only do it with my friends' names. They don't know about my ABDL interests, they just think I find it funny. Which I do.

    Franky = Fwankey
    Sam = Sammy Wammy
    Liz = Lizzie Poo

    Oh! I also talk like that to my mom jokingly.
    Usually I say something like "I don need help mommy I'm a big kid now!" when I do something menial like wash the dishes or carry in groceries.

    This kind of stuff is funny to me X)

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    lol i find i do it with my little dog....i will say do woo want a wickel you want a little treat.....and i talk to her in very baby voice that she now recognises and people around just think im talking doggy talk just in a silly voice xx

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    I live alone so I often talk like a toddler, it is a really good way to mindfulness in my opinion.

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    I feel like I am expressing myself when I do, all those things you want to say and you just have to and all those why questions!

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    I've always spoken sort of childishly to my wife and she always found it cute. It's who I am, but only in front of her. The rest of the world sees the adult me, though that may not be a whole lot better...haha.

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