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Thread: wearing day to day

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    Default wearing day to day

    I'm just wondering what are most peoples habits when they are diapered up? what do you usually get up to?

    I'm currently chilled out in bed watching tv.

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    I just go about my normal day. I wear nappies all the time as I am incontinent.

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    I typically put one on when I get home and know I'm not going out again that day. I wear through the night and put on regular undergarments when I go out aside from a few times I never wear outside the house. Only a few exceptions, I've gone to the movies in a diaper once (which worked out just fine and I may ease into wearing outside more often) and if I am going somewhere where I know I won't have to leave the car and I'm already wearing I'll keep in on.

    By the time I get home and put one on its usually late enough that I am just going to relax at that point till I sleep. This time is usually spent on the computer or playing games (also on the computer.)

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    my plan is to find employment that i can wear at work, but until then i wear 100% of the time i am not at work. The first thing i do when i get home is strip and diaper up, and changing out of my diapers is the last thing i do before going to work. i run errands, shop, go out to eat, meet friends, go to movies always diapered. my whole wardrobe is based around me wearing thick diapers, all my trousers are 'relaxed fit' so i don't suffer diaper lines, all my t-shirts are long so they tuck down past the point of worry.

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    I am incontinent so I wear 24/7.
    I get up and take my wet nighttime diaper (Confidry 24/7) off and take a shower.
    Dry off and put fresh diaper on for the daytime (Tranquility ATN) and get dressed.
    Go about my normal day at work or at home, running errands, out with friends, whatever.
    I have to change around lunch time. If at work I usually go to my car parked in a remote lot to change.
    I am always wet again by quitting time, but I wait until I get home to change. If going to be home, I usually change into a one use diaper like Total Dry plus. If I have to go out, it is an ATN.
    Make dinner, watch TV, etc..
    Take a shower before bedtime and then diaper in a Confidry 24/7.

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    I usually just be lazy and play video games or surf the web while diapered. I'll try to complete it with a bottle if I have the chance. But once in a while, I'll be diapered while I'm hanging out with my friends at home just because I don't feel like changing out of it.

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    as I wear nearly 24/7 this is more a question of "where do I enjoy being diapered the most?"

    I sleep diapred every night. That'd been a longstanding dream of mine, so I suppose I'm "livin' the dream, baby!" I almost always wake up with a well-soaked diaper. Maybe once a month I'll wake up dry jsut due to my body retaining water for whatever reason. (then I'll be pissing all day after I get up too) Not having to get up for a cold potty run 3-6x a night has vastly improved my sleep. So laying in bed diapered, waking up diapered, waking in the middle of the night and being diapered, that's probably my favorite "padded experience". A lot of it is from not having anything else to think or worry about, and a lot of it is due to being fully exposed, just laying there wearing nothing but a diaper and maybe socks. Being able to reach down under the blanket and feel the smooth plastic and comfy leg gathers etc.

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    When I get diapered-up, I will do normal adult things: go shopping, eat out or go to the movies. At home, I will watch TV or do some light housework, office work or house maintenance.

    AND once-in-a-while I will do the baby/toddler things: Disney movie or coloring.

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    I live it, all day, every day, but use pullups, which some don't consider a diaper. I use the pullup, or facilities, as needed. I drive big rigs, so not only does it extend my drive day, but it gives me a bit more of a cushion butt. I don't give any of it a thought anymore. Well, I do, but not much. I'm sure my lifestyle is much the same as someone that has light incontinence, where they have limited control, but still need & use protection.

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    It's just an occasional thing for me, usually I tend to wear towards the evening and into the night. While I wear I usually just do what I normally would do during this time, like use the computer, watch movies, or play some games. The only thing that really changes is that I tend to drink more water when wearing.

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