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Thread: Attention?

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    Default Attention?

    Is there some drug or opperation that I can obtain to destroy the desire of attention from females? I am not saying I want attraction from males though, I don't want that desire for any relationships or for a girl to talk to me.

    Allit has done in the past is hurt me and cause me pain. I want to stamp out that need/want/desire. All I want to focus on is working and making money, because that is all I feel I was put on this earth to do...just work.

    So, does such a drug or opperation exist?

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    But I figure staying not washing for a week would do it.

    Or smeer yourself with mayonaise.


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    Dude, you're 17. It's called growing up. The desires may not go away, but I'm sure in time you'll come to terms with them.

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    You're a teenager. It's natural to have these feelings. Anymore threads you want to make about asking for a drug to "cure" something?

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    If I'm interpreting this correctly... then you could... castrate yourself somehow. Mind you, it would be permanent and extremely painful. Or you could get a vasectomy, but I'm not sure if that curbs the amount of hormones going into your body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    I just want to be focused most on working
    Then learn to ignore your dick. It's not THAT hard. Geez.

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaperedteenager View Post
    I just want to be focused most on working
    Step 1: Have a good solid wank, repeat as needed.
    Step 2: WORK.

    At your age, it will be very easy to work; keep fit and follow #1, and you'll be able to settle down to do #2.

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    Yeah, what H3g3l said.

    I might add that in addition to being perfectly natural/healthy, such desires also give life meaning. Sure, the desires become bothersome, but in my opinion it's a burden preferable to some easy alternatives. The consequences of natural problems seem to be, in the long run, better than the consequence of those that are unnatural (consider folks who deal with sexual frustration with booze).

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