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Thread: Diapers size by numbers

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    Default Diapers size by numbers

    Hi all,

    Just saw the Rearz Safari on the Bambinos site and noticed they have a size number against them starting at size 8 for small.

    I get babies/children's diapers in the US are listed by numbers maybe excluding prem from size 1 to 6 with a nominal size 7 from Pampers but I always figured size 8s would be Extra Small adult/child diapers rather than the traditional small.

    With the above thought in mind I imagined size 9 would be adult small, 10 adult medium, 11 adult large, 12 adult extra large and 13 possibly bariatric.

    Anyone else put some thought into this and assigned size numbers after size 6s (which are called Junior in Australia from my experience)?

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    Libero makes diapers in sizes up to 7, pull ups up to size 8 and their night time underwear (compare to drynites/goodnites) are labeled sizes 8, 9, and 10.

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    So it's a complicated old (not) problem then.

    Wonder if the Libero 7s are same sort of size as the Goo.N Superbigs?

    Would love to see a table with size vs dimensions/progressions from size 1 newborns all the way to the largest adult sizes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argent View Post

    Wonder if the Libero 7s are same sort of size as the Goo.N Superbigs?
    Those really are apples and oranges. I think they are meant for about the same size kid, but libero are more like pampers; thin, skinny, stretchy, and minimal. Goon superbig are much wider and thicker, but non elastic sides mean they don't fit much bigger than libero or pampers.

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