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Thread: Hai everyone

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    Thumbs up Hai everyone

    I've had this account for a while but I let it go for a long time.

    My name's Snuggybear, I'm a mostly lifestyle AB living in the Portland, OR (USA) area. I'm currently in an open relationship with Pamperchu and am very happy.

    Outside of being an ab/dl I work full-time as a Financial Crime investigator. I enjoy music, video games, pc's and hanging out with other AB/DL's / playing big brother .

    Hope to hear from some of you,

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    Hello snugglebear and welcome back to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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    Hey welcome back. Be sure and join in the fun...oh serious comments are encouraged as well.

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    Hi snuggy!! What kind of music do you like? I listen to literally like, anything!

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    welcome back! What games are you mostly playing? Also we're boarder buddies! I'm in Boise Idaho.

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    I like to listen to classical, 70s jazz-rock fusion and classic rock. The only game I'm playing right now is the getting-to-be dated planetside 2 as I don't have a lot of time to game anymore

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    Financial Crime investigator?

    Trying to investigate who stole Pamperchu's favorite pacifier while giving him financial advice on which store brand diapers is the cheepist and hold a lot of water
    I love pamperchu's videos and hope one day he may take a tour around the UK. I hope he is on this website.

    Oh yeah welcome to the ADISC

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    welcome hun...i love classical music too..look forward to seeing your posts .hugs xxx

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymomma View Post
    welcome hun...i love classical music too..look forward to seeing your posts .hugs xxx
    Classical music is good for going to sleep. Even if it is for a baby bed time nobody is likely to complain about it.

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    it depend what classical it is hee hee..some can be very loud and not at all bedtime music but i do love the softer side of to see my fave man end of this year perform..hugs xxx

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