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    Default Hi everybody..

    Im a bit nervous but im a female 48.....for the past 13 years ive been in a relationship where i wasnt really doing what i loved which is dressing as an AB and also being momma to my babies as i enjoy both sides.....i am a full time carer so do a lot of nappy changes anyway at home but also had two adult baby friends that i dearly loved that i was momma too but also dressed for play myself and joined in AB fun. I have just got in touch since my relationship ended with one of my AB friends i was momma too and it has rekindled alot of old feelings i had and loved and im happier than ever now. I love the feeding changing and generally everything to do with being a momma and i also love the dressing in baby clothes and becoming a baby girl ....i didnt realise just how much i missed it till i got talking about it again but im finally facing up to who i really am again. i first started dressing and wore a pair of plastic panties at age 8 and would sit in front of the mirror acting out eating like a baby....i always thought i was odd doing this ..i would search for pacifiers that babies had thrown out of their prams to take home and feel comfort from them.......i love pretty dresses with lots of petticoats and dresssing really girly xxx
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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I'm glad you got the missing post back.

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    Thankyou too lol ..was wondering why it disappeared but see its coz i put a link on lol...need to work out how things work on here xxx

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    Welcome to the site.
    Thanks for sharing your experience. It is sad to hear that you existed for so long in a relationship that didn't allow you to do what you loved. I feel for you, because I was trapped in a relationship like that for many years.
    I'm glad that you've reached a place where you can be who you are, and do what is natural for you.
    Keep doing what you love and being true to yourself!

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    Thankyou hun, yes it has been a lot of wasted years really but im just so happy now that i am me again and that i have found one of my babies i was momma to as well. I feel complete again and looking forward to meeting my baby again and sharing some fun times with him as my baby girl and also us being babies together..has been nice to go to bed again too with my paci wearing diaper and onesie...felt so snuggly xxx

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    This is awesome! Go you, momma!!! I'm glad you're back at the things you enjoy, it's important to make ourselves happy!

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    Hi babymomma!

    Welcome! I too am happy for you that you are getting back to your desires and being your true self. I love to dress up mysellf, both little and big girl. I also wear diapers and plastic pants 24/7. When I need momma advice I will be sure to ask you! Nice to meet you!

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