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Thread: My vast diaper delivery disappearances

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    Angry My vast diaper delivery disappearances

    Ok so I haven't mentioned this yet. But for a course of the last 12 months I have probably ordered[I buy online only] about 300 something diapers. And pretty much none of it ever showed up but what's wierd is they were all spaced out. Like one month I ordered a case. then a couple months later I'd order some from another shipping company. I pretty much already know someone has been witholding all my shipments but I don't think their being very reasonable. because it was all personal discreet stuff.
    It's not like I'm planning something inappropriate with them. I mean I'm a private DL. no one has to notice if they don't want to. In fact to me I'm completely normal except for the fact that; every now and then when Im alone I like to indulge in diaper wearing for a short time discreetly.

    Whatever the reason turns out to be, if it's related to stopping me its ineffective.

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    Umm...if you have ordered them, you probably have paid for them too. And none of them ever showed up? What happened then with the payment? Wouldn't you ask the company whatever happened to your parcels rather than basically writing off the money?


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    Do the tracking numbers on the shipments yield anything? e.g. was shipment refused, accepted-and-then-dumped, returned, or lost?

    Methinks there's something going on here. Package delivery isn't THAT hard. You say that someone's been withholding your packages; if this isn't your parents, then you've got a claim and should call for heads to roll.

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    Have you received any of your orders? 300 diapers seems an awful lot to go missing. Who do you think is withholding your shipments?

    I always order online too and have never had any problems, other than the occasional indiscreet packaging (a pack turned up to my work with Tena written all over the side!) and generally find the companies to be very helpful.

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    well, I paid Im completely sure about that. And at a couple of times what I ordered did show up but still much later then normal.
    besides that, it's been so long that the items don't seem to be listed anymore. I guess I can manage, I don't need them anyway.
    Oh and peach you asked me if I asked about it. And I did my best I talked to the sellers I bought from on ebay and even tried to track them each attempt. As I recall the status most of the time said it was shipped/shipping/ect. I think...

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    I stole them. Mahahahaha!
    I order all the time and never have any problem... maybe your address is close to one near you or something

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    Maybe, one of these days, you'll come home and find 300 diapers on your doorstep.

    Try explaining THAT to your parents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    Maybe, one of these days, you'll come home and find 300 diapers on your doorstep.

    Try explaining THAT to your parents.
    lol beside the embarressment I find that kind of exciting. more so if only myself saw them.

    Now I can daydream that some random day a postal delivery man is going to show up piling boxes of diapers on the doorstep

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    I don't know about you, but 300 missing diapers that I'd already paid for would be ticking me off and I'd be calling up the people I'd ordered them from every day, chewing them out until my packages arrived.

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