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Thread: How do you deal with stomach cramps during your time of the month?

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    Default How do you deal with stomach cramps during your time of the month?

    I get really bad stomach cramps during my time of the month, my dad has even suggested taking the pill to stop my periods if they really bother me. He has offered me ibroprofen for me to take and it makes it better for me. I also can't tell the difference between needing to eat and feeling sick when it's is the time of the month, how do I deal with that!? This may sound gross but I wear diapers during the time of my month, often the same diapers I wear regardless, when I change, I place the wet one on my stomach area and because it's warm, it soothes it, but I know it isn't the most cleanest of things to use!

    How do you manage?

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    What helps me a lot is a gel heat compress on my lower abdomen along with 2 ibuprofen.
    It's always the first couple days that are the worst

    As for the feeling sick part, I can't say I've ever had to deal with that so I wouldn't know.

    And diapers for periods is a fantastic idea if you ask me XD guaranteed to never stain ever.

    Hope this helped

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    Oh buddy, oh pal I feel you!

    I put a heating pad on my stomach and take the recommended amount of Midol when the cramps start kicking in. I'd suggest actually taking any pain meds for periods when you notice the period starting (because at least for me, the cramps are always at their worst during the first few days) but even I forget to take them like that soooo yeah.

    I sometimes can't tell if I'm sick because I haven't ate or if I'm just generally sick because of the period. I'd eat something small if you don't know and see if you have an appetite or if you can even stomach it. If you can I'd definitely try to go for some chocolate. Chocolate icecream in particular does wonders for my cramps.

    We're all different so I hope you find what helps relieve your pain/ickiness during your periods! It seems like wearing diapers helps you and thats a great first start!!!


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