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Thread: Time Travel

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    Default Time Travel

    Time Travel, a scientific goose chase. They say it is possible if we go faster than the speed of light, but what about you? Will we have tea with George Washington one day or just keep reading the textbooks? I call BS, how can we go to the future if it hasn't happened yet? And if we went back in time, the timeline would have to re-adjust to your existence then, so you're screwed either way.

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    My time machine takes me forward at normal speed. I'll be in 2018 in 17 years, woot!

    I don't know if time travel is possible. At least not going backwards. I don't think it will happen anytime soon though. If going backwards is possible, then would that mean there are people from the future here now? It's call very confusing and mind blowing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo
    ...17 years
    Still fail. It's not 2001 anymore.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo
    I'll be in 2018 in 19 years
    FAIL. It's not 1999 any more!!!
    I believe time travel is impossible. I don't have much of a reason other than the fact that there are no tourists here from the future.

    On a different note, though, I believe in slowing down time -- or at least speeding up the human brain to make it think time has slowed down.
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    If there was ever time travel the past, present or future we would know about it I think. Not to mention we would have to deal with paradoxes all the time.

    Like say if you had the chance to kill hittler before he even became involved in politics. What happens to history, would their of even been a world war 2? Would someone re cover up watergate and would nixon then have a 2nd term?

    Personally I think time travel is cool, but it should never be used or invented. Of course right now the amount of energy that would most likely be needed for it would be a insane amount.

    Also if you want to see a really good time travel movie watch the indie film "Primer" that deals with time travel a lot better then any movie ever has.

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    Time travel to the future is perfectly possible and has occurred numerous times to everyone, although the best way to describe it may be slowing down time around yourself while time continues on at a normal pace everywhere else.
    As for paradoxes it really depends on how many dimensions of time the universe has. if time is linear, then paradoxes can occur, if it's more than one dimension, paradoxes will not occur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HypnoToad View Post
    As for paradoxes it really depends on how many dimensions of time the universe has. if time is linear, then paradoxes can occur, if it's more than one dimension, paradoxes will not occur.
    Ah.. I forgot about the dimension's theory... There's even one where everything that could ever happen has/will happen. Meaning more then trillions of different dimensions.

    Of course this would mean you will be jumping from one to another and if such a thing is real we all jump to one or more per day. Every action/choice you make will put you in a different one, right?

    Like do you turn left or right? You as one person can't do both.

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    If you believe in the "parallele universes theory" it would be possible to go somewhere, harder to get back. any action you'll do in the past of another universe will perturbate only one universe, one of those you doesn't belong to.

    If you see the universe as one and only, it isn't.
    Any thing you'll do in the past will have a cosequence on what you actually call present, perturbating the continuum space/time, causing paradoxes and universe to collapse on itself.

    Paradox of the granfather: can you travel back in the time and kill your grandad before he'll meet your mother? if yes so you will never born and never travel throught time and never kill your grandad.

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    Wait...what do you mean...time travel is very possible. It has been documented. Dissect the phrase "Time Travel" Traveling through time, you are doing it right now, as we speak, we are moving trough time.

    Anyway, other than that obvious statement (or I thought it was obvious,) time travel is hard to get your hear around, since, what is time? Time is a humanistic concept to represent the way we move trough the word, so most people just can not fathom 'traveling through time.'

    But, astronauts have been said to come back younger than they should have been if they were aging the same rate on earth, so think about that.

    We actually had this topic a while back, and I went into a lot of the laws of physics to explain some theories but for now I just do not have time (Latin exam in like an hour.) So I will leave it at that, and if you are really interested, just google it, you will find really cool articles.


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    Time is a human construct devised to keep track of events.

    The universe is not keeping track of what we did last week, nor does it know what we're going to do tomorrow.

    Time travel is impossible.

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    Time is relative. So everyone 'travels' through it differently. You can work out how faster or slower some one is compared to you. I may go into this in more depth later. But to keep it simple I'll tell you the problems with traveling to the speed of light.

    The faster you travel, the slower you experience time compared to outsiders. Until you reach the speed of light, has it stopped? Well I could give the maths. But I don't know on the top of my head. I worker out some simple maths the a year ago and worked out that if we exceed the speed of light relative to a certain object. You get a complex number (i.E. An 'imaginary' component of the square root of a minus number. The word imaginary, is of putting It's real number. But doesn't belong in your standard numbering system ). Back then I didn't have the knowledge as to what it meant. But May have now if I search it up. But this can open a can of worms.

    Near the speed of light you gain allot of mass. So that will slow you down. I don't know the maths for this, But does the mass problem stop us from reaching high speeds or just make it more difficult to reach?

    And lastly, It's relative. You may be travelling back in time to one witness, but to another. You may of just slow down a little.

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