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Thread: I always play with toys before bedtime...

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    Default I always play with toys before bedtime...

    As for me, I myself without exception quietly play with some of my toys, like some toy cars and trucks for 2 hours every night before bedtime. One needs to be able to be "Little" and enjoy a quiet playtime each and every day. I rigidly schedule my late night playtime to never interfere with other parts of my life. I have said before, I am "Little" when and where it is appropriate. My bedroom is my dedicated "Little Space". In the daytime, if I have scheduled "free time", my back yard is my designated safe place to quietly play with my NERF toy guns.

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    I know I'm weird. I go to bed diapered by choice, and I watch two shows I've DVR'd right before bed, Aqua Team Hunger Force and Robot Chicken. I am going to sleep with my six plushies so I guess that counts. I play with them while watching TV.

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    My dolls can be super comforting and super fun. Just seeing them is enough to bring a smile to my face, and I like to build them pretty houses and such. I have lots of little bitty toys, but most of them are dolls.. I wouldn't mind something to toss around a little in bed sometimes while watching my cute cartoons. ♥

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