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Thread: Extra Space at the Bottom of Diaper

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    Default Extra Space at the Bottom of Diaper

    Hello everyone,

    I'm not sure if this is an issue or not. Please help clarify. There is an area at the bottom of the bowl of the diaper. This area seems to always have space between the skin and the diaper. I try to bring the diaper up as tightly as possible, but it still has that space. Is this an issue?

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    that's where #2 hangs out till you get your diaper changed

    also fwiw, having that part of your diaper crease out instead of in (into your butt crack) is good for urine distribution while sleeping and laying on your back, helps increaed overnight capacity / prevent leaks

    And if you're referring to the area in the very center (front to back) and not the rear quarter, that too needs to be open to allow urine to freely flow to the back where the rest of the absorbent padding is. I always make sure I have a good healthy "V" there when I lay down at night. Keep in mind the material will swell (more so for some diapers than others) so the gap needs to be large enough that when your diaper swells from getting wet, it doesn't "seal off the exit" and flood forward if you wet again. That almost always leads to a bad leak out the top sides.

    Letting the crotch of your pants push upward on the center of your diaper may lead to more of a "W" shape, and that greatly increases your chances of leaking in the crotch while standing or sitting.

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    Yes, but it's not hugging the skin. There's enough space between the sides and skin that it could leak out. If that makes sense.

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    padding not against your skin is fine. But you want the side cuffs to be up against your skin and the leak guards too. If you're not getting that, your diaper is way too large or you're not taping it right.

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    Sorry, are you talking about space between the seat of the nappy and the skin, or between the leak guards and the skin? Because if it's the former, then as bambinod has said, that is to facilitate bowel movements. If the seat of the nappy was tight against your anus, there'd be nowhere for a BM to expand into.

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    Yeah thats for those of us with bowel issues, that space allows for a bowel movement to have space to fill, if you can't get the leg gaurds hugging without a gap however, then you need a smaller size brief

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    Is it where the diaper was folded? You just have to make sure it's out before putting it on. I will have a gap if I don't completely get the crease out.

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    The diaper is either too big and/or you're taping it on wrong. If you're having trouble fitting diapers or fall between 2 sizes, you could try a different brand. If you have a diaper that practically lays flat, then they have weak leg gatherers.

    You can try sucking in your gut while you tape on your diaper.

    You can invest in a Onesie. They are practically a diaper's best friend. They'll help reduce sagging.

    Sharing information like what diapers are you wearing, size, your waist size and other bits of information can really help to target the root of the problem.

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