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    I have been married to the love of my life for a year now. My wife has known about my bed wetting since the beginning, and has known I wear diapers. She did not know I liked to wear diapers. I have always been a DL. I also always had a baby side. She has let me buy bottles and sippy cups but I always was scared to use them around her. Well about a year before we got married i told her I was AB/DL. She was ok with it and she has let me wear diapers around the house and i even been able to wear outside. we joke around all the time that Im going to get a crib and she can have the bed all too her self. she has put diapers on me but thats about as far as she goes. Im sad cause I have always wanted a weekend being treated just like a baby and she dont want to be part of it. She has givin me permission to ask someone that knows a little bit of my baby side but im so scared to ask. I could never do it. I wish my wife would set it up or something. I told her I was going to go pay to be takin care of and she said I could just pay this other person. but I think it all will always be a fantasy. But I have spokin to my wife and she could care less if im wearing diapers so im going to start wearing more and gonna get more baby items. But I need friends and its hard to make them. but im gonna try

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    I am in a similar situation at home. Just last week my wife and I really opened up to each other on a wide variety of topics (we where on a 5 hour road trip, so we had plenty of time to chat).

    I told her about my DL side a few years ago, but we really never discussed any ground rules. She did diaper me once, but you could tell she was not really into it.

    After our discussion last week; she has no issues with me wearing and sees nothing wrong with it, but does not want to be involved. She asks that I get changed in the bathroom and not on the bed next to her. I can wear to bed, but around the house we will have to take one step at a time. If I am wearing and she wants to fool around, I just have to take them off like any other underwear.

    My wife and I are really open to exploring each others fantasies and I am hoping over time she will come around. She loves being the princess and I am hoping to build on that.

    This has been a big milestone for me, as we where actually able to talk about ABDL openly. She actually even said I am not sure why you where soo embarrassed to talk about it.

    On the friends and caretaker front; I have met plenty of folks at different munches and I found the munches to be a great icebreaker. I would start there...

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