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    And putting them online could be easier way to be found out Someone go online and easily if not carful. When i finally try on a diaper am not sure if am going take any pictures of me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ORBaby View Post
    Are you wanting to be found out?

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    If you don't want to be found out - DO NOT post a picture of yourself in any AB or DL clothing or with any AB or DL items.

    Depending on how much of your face, location and personal property is shown, computers can do a good job of matching if someone is really interested.

    So...the only way to be sure is not to post.

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    People posting selfies on the internet really annoys me. Not that I dont like the pictures, that doesnt bother me at all - but what are they thinking??? hey, those pictures can never be taken off the net again!!!

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    I have not clues what do you want to do, but if you want to take pics of yourself and post it to the internet then you side privacy of ABDL will get found out in the eyes of public, that's why people take picture of themselves and post it to the internet with face colored/censored.


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    1 rule for this : Consider anything you publish online as public, no matter where you publish it or how hard you try to hide it, its still there and available.

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    Consider this too, even if you've made the decision to be public about it, it can still come back in ways you might not be ready for. Like, I run a twitter account basically for my disabilities and some little stuff, and I've posted the occasional picture or two on it as one is wont to do. Personally, I'm pretty open about this stuff, and it was meant to be public and didn't have my face in it, but it was up nonetheless.

    In a completely unrelated context in another internet forum I had gotten into a political discussion and made a guy angry enough to go off site and look for things on me, he found a picture from it and posted it on the site thinking he was going to use it to insult and "get one over" on me. I was lucky enough that I had brought up my disabilities on the site before so nobody really thought a whole lot of it, but, it's a bit of a cautionary tale, be sure you're okay with your stuff being found if you're going to put it online, even in ways you don't expect.

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