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    Does anyone else out there (still in the abdl closet) sometimes leave their search history "uncleared" on the vague gamble that if your S.O. Were to stumble across it, it would force you to spill the beans.?

    Im too nervous to drop it like a bomshell... But if i were to "accidentally forget" and lend her my phone... Well... Whats a boy to do??

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    I honestly don't recommend this. By far the most likely result is that nothing happens and nobody ever notices. But in the rare case this does lead to you getting found out, your S.O. will likely be confused and misunderstand what they've discovered. If you want to let your S.O. know, work up the courage to have a tough conversation. Even little ones do brave things, after all.

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    If you want to talk about it, do. Don't play games, it's troublesome and disrespectful to your SO and the seriousness of your relationship.

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    Well, the thing is, my relationship is a little odd compared to the ones iv had before. Amazing but odd. Shes very tight lipped about a lot of stuff, including our adventurously bdsm playtime but loves parttaking in it none the less. Just doesnt want to talk reagardless of me making comments regarding "some fetishes im to embarrased to talk about".

    I cant get a good opening where it doesnt sound as though its been brought up out of dire desparation. (Which... It kinda is:P) its the way she was raised, to not be forward about this sort of stuff regardless of how your subconcious might be plenty accepting or even curious. Direct dialogue would shut her down like throwing a switch. She knows i want to share. But doesnt have any problem with me NOT sharing my deepest personal stuff. So... Why not just let her find out? Free from deliberate/face to face interaction. She wouldnt fault me for not bringing it up but wouldnt engage with me if i did. Its a sticky situation. Im a wedged bear in an space of great tightness.

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    that is exactly how my SO found out (I didn't let my history on on purpose, I was just forgetful) about it and I don't recommend this method.

    While I understand that it is a hard thing to be the one to bring up the subject (especially in your case), you can't let someone find out about it that way. Just type "ABDL" in google search and see what you find. Would you let someone judge you based on these results ?

    You're a DL, would you like your SO to assume that you're AB as well ? that you are a sissy ? What if she misunderstand and think you might be a pedophile ? (I'm exaggerating on purpose)

    I would advise you to think this more thoroughly. I know it's a hard subject to bring but if talking face to face is too hard, you might try to write a letter ? Maybe she will be more at ease responding the same way ? Or, use at least pointers in real life that could trigger a conversation not a research she might do on her own.

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    Writing a letter sounds almost too agressive. Its the sort of thing reserved for things that are a big deal. Theres a finality to it. A "we need to talk" air about it. The importance of honesty, trust and disclosure isn't lost on me. Iv been wracking my brain to find an opening and a comfortable receptive space for more than 2 1/2 years. Im still whittling away at the shell.
    Shes well learned and im fair sure she isnt the sort to snowball an idea like some horiffic implications of DLism. Id want her to ask questions but i dont feel like she would be able to keep it together in the face of emotional intimacy. Thanks to all of the enlightened littles out there, there is actually plenty of positive learning material online. Shed be more receptive to that stuff than the haters. ANYHOW im vastly thankful for all the words of encouragement and assorted wisdoms from you folks. Always looking to hear more about personal experiences.

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