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    Default Wheelchair bound and changing

    Is any one here wheelchair bound and change their own diaper. This is getting embarrassing for me needing constant help so I want to learn. Thanks

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    I wish I had some answers there, unfortunately I really don't. I've had to rely on a wheelchair for the better part of two years now because of spinal problems, and my wife has changed me exclusively in that time frame, I've only managed to change my own diaper maybe twice in that timespan, and then not very well and only when it's wet. I'm slowly getting to where I can bend a little more though, so my goal is to eventually be able to bend well enough to change my own diaper.

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    I use a wheelchair frequently and I have not found any way to change my diaper while seated. I use the help of my wife or my aides

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    I meant changing the diaper in bed

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    Still not easy, but worth persevering as you feel more independent if you can, even if you don't choose to very often. If its a wet diaper the problems are less than if it has fecal contents. If you can undo the used diaper and wriggle or roll off it and then manoeuvre yourself onto the fresh one you are halfway there. You might find it tiring and using wipes etc may be a bit complex. Taped diapers with sticky pads are harder to manage (in my experience) when lying prone than the belted types with velcro fastenings. If willing a way forward might be to practice with the help of your wife or aides until you work out the best way to do it.

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    I was 100% wheelchair bound for more than a year, and no way to change myself...

    In a wheelchair I'd say impossible....

    In bed, can be done, but will depend on your dexterity...

    Myself, I'm just getting able to change myself in bed again, after some spinal surgeries and complications...

    Not walking yet, but can do like 10 feet with walker and help...

    Just ask to help out, you will figure outa way to do it...

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    How about in a public setting? Like a bathroom

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    I'm able to walk, I just can't for very far or stand for very long, and I'm still not able to do that personally, my wife generally has to come in with me to change me. I keep my disability placard on me in my diaper bag and most store managers are understanding when they see that.

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    Hi Stacy. I'm also in a wheelchair and its very hard to change in a chair but it can be done. I remove the arm rest from my chair then strip down to just my diaper from the waist down. I then untape and try and roll from side to side as I'm tucking it under me until I'm able to pull it out then I repeat the proses to put the diaper on. Extremely hard!! It's much easier if you can transfer to a bed. I wish you the best of luck.

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    I change myself standing in restrooms all the time. I'm not FI during the day so that's not an issue. If you use velcro tapes and cloth like briefs, you will be able to change noiselessly. Since you can't stand you might consider the briefs that tie around the waist. The only problem with those is that they don't seal as well around the groin, thigh, and buttocks - and they don't hold fecal odor inside like plastic briefs and plastic pants. At least you can't feel how hot and sweaty they are in Summer.

    Do you ever go swimming.You can but need special pants to contain any mess. The sensation of cold often makes me pee and sometimes poop right away if I have to.

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