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Thread: A Facebook video about AB/DL

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    Default A Facebook video about AB/DL

    [The Video in Question
    So the LAD Bible posted a mini documentary on a couple that uses a facet of DD/LG and infantilism. The story is quite sad, the girl was sexually abused when she was younger, and to cope with it she gets into a role of being an adult baby, wearing diapers, onesies, paci's, the whole shebang, and let's go of her adult life.
    I found the video with a Facebook friends share with the caption "Dis tew much"... The comments are as nice as you'd expect.
    No matter how familiar I am with this sort of behavior, I never seem to get over how ignorant and immediately repulsed vanillas get when they see something like this. It irks me how some people can't have an open mind and see what's really happening here.
    But I read the occasional person's comment that sounds a bit uplifting and open and things seem a little better. I will agree that the caretaker is a bit creepy... I mean, who sleeps like that, at 0:10?
    Lol, so what do you guys think we can take out of this? I'm curious to hear feedback from this side of the coin.

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    It always makes me sad when I see people comment stuff that are shots at the ABDL community

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    People won't always understand, we just got to ignore their hurtful comments, they can't hurt us physically or make us stop, they are just taking the piss or trolling.

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    This video was on YouTube and in Metro news here in the UK, there have been other posts in the past on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube over here in the UK and people just go mental in the comments, I would love to be able to say something on my Facebook as many people from my old school found out about this side of me when I told someone I trusted so much and they told a friend who then told everyone, however there are others on my Facebook who don't know and I kind of want to keep it that way

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    I wouldn't get too upset. Muggles never understand. That's why they're mere muggles. Secretly, they wish they had our magical powers, but that can never happen for them.

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    Yes, the comments on that Lad Bible post on FB were pretty depressing. I love being made to feel guilty about this (sarcasm) it's not as if I am filled with self disgust already at myself. smh

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    We may be adult babies but those on FB making those posts are adult juveniles, whose thinking is rigidly fixed and base there whole world on how many likes they get , we have open minds with logic and reasoning who occasionally tape up and regress to distress, who is better off ?, I think the evidence is clear, disregard those with small closed minds.

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    Yeah but if we treat these communities like we treat the ones we live in, the trolls don't get a foot hold to take over, FB was a sewer from its earliest incarnation and has not gotten better, people moved from MySpace because of trolls the problem is they brought the trolls with them to FB.

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