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Thread: How long Can you make

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    Default How long Can you make

    A diaper last?

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    I can make a 24/7 comficare last 12 hours. I often change before that for messing. I often mark the time I put the diaper on on the front cover so I know how long I've been in it. I will need to wear them for the rest of my life unless some surgery comes around. I change myself about 4 to 5 times per day and wear two pairs of gary pants on top to block odors. I'm able to mess myself and keep the odor in for a while. I'm looking for a boyfriend in similar situation or how is willing to help me out. I could also see myself with an UI and FI guy in a wheelchair. Many adolescents and men leak while sleeping on their side. My advice is to wear a thin nylong thong under the diaper to hold your penis in one position. I wear diapers when I work out and when I use the bycycle. I also use Abena green fecal incon. pads inside my diaper.

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    12 hours max but only ABU, Kolibri Comslips and sometimes Fabines but that is only basis overnight and then a few hours standing infront of the TV watching Anime.

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    I try not wet that much if there abu diapers are aww so cute, can't get them a lot.

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    max for me is 8-9 hours, and I also use plastic / vinyl pants on top to help reduce odor.

    In a month though, on my work we will have a teamday which is supposed to last 11-12 hours, in which I have no chance of changing my diaper, so that will really push it to the limits....but usually lots of babypowder helps and I plan on only drinking water that also cut's down the smell of a wet diaper..

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    For me it depends on the moment because if I put a diaper and I used the potty before the diaper. It would last some good 6 hours without wetting or less if i drink water or juice. After the fisrt wet it to depends on what diaper I'm using, if I'm using barebums diapers they can hold good and it would last with the diaper 10 hours.

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    Max was around 11 hours. No chance for toilet or change. Otherwise between 2 - 8 hours.

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