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    Is looking at out people in Diapers then it became wondering what be like wearing one how about you guys?

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    It started once I was out of diapers and had to go to school in underwear but I wasn't potty trained so I had frequent accidents and had to go back in diapers once I got back home. Due to developmental issues I wasn't potty trained properly until I was 8 and I wet the bed until I was 13. I got put in drynites for bed wetting and I liked them, I didn't actually think I was strange for liking them but others made out it was. I remember clearly having my diapers changed by my dad and I remember being put in my crib by my mom. I had nice childhood experiences whilst I had pretty bad ones and would like to keep the nice memories alive.

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    Awesome question. I really dont know what started me on the my path to being an ABDL but I do know my parents told me I was tough to potty train and it seemed like I would fail purposfully to be put back in diapers. I was born in the 70s so for me it was plastic pampers! I do remember always being fascinated by diaper commercials and younger family members diapers! My first trip down the ABDL road must have been early teens. I used to make diapers out of white garbage bags and tape. A little later in I found out world of ABDL through dial up internet! (DPF). I used to sneak bags of Attends into room and hide them under the bed. I think my parents knew but never confronted me. My Dad would tell me to "clean up under my bed before my mom found them".

    Now at 43...I am fully immersed into my ABDL life. My closet is full of diapers and baby cloths. My awesome wife supports me but has a hard time acting it out with me but tgats ok.

    Given the choice to go back and not be fascinted by diapers.. I would say nope...I am perfectly happy to be different#

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    Well, I wanted to be normal when I was a kid, admittingly since I found out my autism diagnosis. The thing is when I saw diapers used as a joke in a cartoon, I never really got it and thought It would be nice to wear one, however, I never really acted on it until a few months ago, when I joined this site and finally got the courage to do it in private.

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    This is a great question. I've been thinking about this a lot recently - and I could write an essay on my speculations on the subject - but the fact is I don't really know.

    There are two parts to this for me - why was I into it as a child - and why have I suddenly done something about it in my 40s?

    With hindsight I realise I've been into the idea of nappies without realising it since I was a young teenager - for example making DIY-nappies etc. without really realising what I was doing. This was more when I was a teenager - but carried on occassionally throughout my life (that must sound weird - but it is true). I guess this could have been stress as a child (I had a very stressful childhood due to being pushed to pass some exams and other things - and made to grow up too fast) and the fact I was a bed-wetter for a while. I'm not really sure.

    But I didn't connect these feelings with nappies or do anything about it until my 40s. I'm not really sure what changed. I finally bought some nappies which was really hard , I spoke to some ABDLs at a club which was helpful once I'd got over the embarassment, I found ADISC which was really helpful reading other's experiences.

    Sorry for the TMI, but also having never been ill much, I had a few stomach problems over the last few years (the worst being fainting after BM a couple of times, having got up in the night) and I've always got up to pee a lot at night as well as during the day. Anyway I think that has also made me more receptive to the idea of nappies - particularly wearing at night.

    So here I am in my late 40s suddenly really into wearing and using nappies, with a partner who isn't into them at all.

    Still, so what? It is only a bit of fun and doesn't do anyone any harm.

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    I suspect I like diapers because I wet the bed.

    As far as I know, I was potty trained normally. I started to wet the bed when I was around 8 or 9 and that lasted until about 11 or 12. I wore diapers (completely ineffective) for most of that time at night.

    Occasionally during that time period, I would wear and use the diapers during the day. The question, of course, is could I have develop this desire for diapers if I never wet the bed or not. I truly don't know.

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    I like nappies because when my family stayed away with relatives eg faraway grandparents, I got put in them at night (when otherwise out of them back home). Maybe my grandparents were strict and my parents feared wet beds etc I don't know but it meant I got some extra nappy time (perhaps until 4 or 5 I don't know).

    People say that children can only remember stuff back to about age 2.5 or 3, most people are out of nappies then so have no memories. But my nappy-wearing went into the known region of age, that's why I can remember and others can't. Maybe 100% of people would be nappy lovers if they experienced it later or least a much bigger proportion of us as 'what's not to like'?!

    For me as well, I'm the eldest of 6 with the youngest being 18 years younger than me so I was surrounded (frustratingly) by people in nappies for years and years afterwards and this kept my interest up.

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    I didn't have any younger siblings as I was the youngest child but I did have to watch my younger cushions get their diaper changed which made me want diapers and when my youngest cusion had a pacifier I wanted one!

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    Well for me I was born premature and was in the hospital for the first year of my life thus prolly making it so I was out of diapers later then normal, I'd have to guess 3 or 4. Then I had a great dislike for using public bathrooms this led to hol it a lot and not caring to the point of accidents of both wetting and messing. Plus I'm sure that I had some bed wetting issues occasionally. This led to ring put back in diapers at 7 yrs old. It was pampers cuz this was back in the 80's. I have had a want to wear them ever since. I have had some occasions on longer rides when I was younger where I had to hold the urge to pee for quite a while and I'm sure this rienforced my being ok with wetting myself cuz during those times I really wished I was diapered. At 21 I started wearing off and now 38 yrs old and I have been wearing pretty much all the time since 2009. I was already visually impaired to begin with but recently went the.2 eye surgeries leaving me with severe low vision. So now I wear diapers all the time when I go out as it makes my life way easier since finding bathrooms CB e rather difficult, and pretty impossible when ur on a bus. I do have some minor bed wetting issues at night and some minor leakage issues during the day on occasion, but mostly it sucks having to pee and having to hold it and hope u can find a bathroom in time and getting there a lot slower because u can't see that well. I now I pretty much wear 24/7. My diapers of choice are Abena m4 plastic backed, dry24/7 and unique wellness superior signature series.

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    I shared my story under babyfurs. My dad was threatening me with diapers when I was little for getting up all night to go to the bathroom then peeing on the floor... between that and long miserable bladder stretching car trips, constantly dealing on and off with overactive bladder and dribbling and the occasional bowel movement while out the diaper idea just seemed like a good idea.

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