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Thread: kwink bots?

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    Default kwink bots?

    I noticed someone mention kwink as a possible abdl hookup site, and decided to take a peek. I set up a profile and within 2 days I got an email that seemed like it wasn't "personalized" well, like it was a generic welcome type request for conversation. (it didn't specifically mention anything in my bio or in any way appear to be customized to address me specifically) I thought maybe it might be a bot so I didn't respond immediately.

    The next day, I got the message again. Exact same text, and it was sent at precisely the same minute, on the next day. (timestamp same, date stamp day+1) Pretty sure this is a bot. Anyone else with experience here? (this was with selecting "ABDL" as my "kwink", and the sender claims to be an ABDL mommy new to the scene looking to meet someone)

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    I don't think it's a bot. There are some people who just use a standard message and blast it out to everyone. They show up on most free dating sites. Interesting that the time matched.

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    I did not have that experience. I signed up as ABDL and got a couple people to reply to my messages. Nothing robotic about the replies. I am much happier with Kwink than with Fetlife. It is free and mostly cleaner. Some users have uploaded nude photos to their profile but most users have pics of themselves in a diaper and paci. I found about 100 matches to my search that matched my ten year age range, sexual orientation, non-smoking, Christian etc. However, other quinks that I tried might come up with only a couple hits. For instance, the adult breastfeeding section. Either that section is empty or I searched too narrow.

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