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Thread: Is thicker really better?

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    Default Is thicker really better?

    (If you don't care to read my novel, feel free to skip to the *****'s) (:

    I'm (hopefully) coming down from my first binge cycle. Only having recently accepted that the fetish I've shamed myself into ignoring for most of my adult life doesn't make me a horrible person, I've spent the last two or so months completely obsessed with diapers. I've learned a lot—about this fetish, this lifestyle, and more importantly, about myself—and I've spent a lot too. (Babies aren't cheap!)

    At first, I thought—assumed— I wanted a diaper that was thick and would get heavy. My very first experience with diapers as an adult seemed to confirm this—I layered 4 GoodNight pull-ups I sheepishly bought from my local grocery store and proceeded to prance around my empty house until minutes before my fiancé came home. Perfect experience.

    Aaaaand then that binge I mentioned before started to spiral. I went on an online spree—I ordered first a pack of Abena M4s and then 2 of Molicare's Super Plus disposables. (The first was plastic backed, but the small size was too...small. The mediums I ordered next were cloth-backed.) Samples from Bambino came next, then I just went a little nuts and ordered packs from ABUniverse and Tykables. Needless to say, I have quite a supply, and am slightly embarrassed at my lack of control.

    Anyway. Back to my point. So, throughout all this, I have this idea in my head that "thicker is better," right? Thicker and plastic. That's what's best—so says the Internet, at least.

    Aaaand yet...even as I sit here in a very pretty ABU Lavender, I can't help but think that I'd be happier in the second pack of Molicares I got—the very thin, cloth backed ones that most people seem to hate.

    I don't know if it's because of my age (at 27, I don't really remember thick plastic diapers. My mom always bought thinner ones, and my memory seems to linger on cloth backed Pampers) or if it's because I like how they look under my clothes (suits and Tykables do not mix), but I just can't seem to fall in love with them. They I'm faking something? Or trying too hard.

    Aren't baby diapers designed to be comfortable for babies and toddlers? Surely not to be so thick they can't close their legs when it's dry. Yes, baby diapers sag, and toddlers waddle...but only after wearing for a while.

    (As I'm writing this, I'm realizing I may have answered my original question, but I have a new one...)

    Is wearing a thicker diaper really more infantile? Or do we just assume it is? And if we do, why?

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    As an aside, I realize that I'm overthinking this. But this entire revelation is very psychological in nature for me, so...sorry... >_>

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    The one you like best is the best one.
    That's not really as simple an answer as it sounds. Defining why you like diapers at all is probably going to be as impossible as defining why you like cookies. Life will get more simple when you fully grasp that you just do, and that's all the answer you need. But getting to that point is a journey of self discovery. Don't sweat it.

    Their is probably some deep rooted reason you like a certain diaper right now. It will be your gateway into discovering more about your self. In time, that diaper will become boring, either because your reasons change as you grow comfortable with your self, or because of fetish disassociation. That's where the thing that brings you closer to your happiness by reminding you of some past happiness starts to become the present happiness all on it's own, and your brain disconnects the association between the nostalgic experience, and the joy of the presence. And when that happens, you'll start experimenting with other ways to bring the present source of joy. This isn't limited to diapers, it can happen with food, music, cars, relationships. I.E. your first love probably reminded you of your mother, but your next love.....

    So to simplify. You find something that brings you happiness because it reminds you of something. but as you keep doing it, you start to love it for the joy of now.

    Anyway, don't sweat the binge/purge thing. That happens with all guilty pleasures.

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    I really think it all has to do with personal preference. Some people can't get a thick enough diaper and others are content with thin store brand ones. That's why most AB/DL companies don't just focus on one style or design, but instead try to carry as many different products as they seem fit. Everybody is different and not everybody is going to like the same thing.

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    these days most toddlers wear thiner diapers and pullups then the adults if they are wearing supermarket ones. If you were born in the 90s not sure why people would associate it with the feeling as they were only slightly thicker then underwear. Even then like now its pretty easy to forget you have it on... if it isn't you probably have an issue of having an uncomfortable product.

    Thicker is mostly better in that it offers a bit of bulge to a significantly longer time between changes. If bowels are a consideration it might not be worth it if you need a lot of those kinds of changes.
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    Baby diapers are thinner than even the thinnest adult diapers if you're looking at it in a strictly thickness to thickness perspective because the absorbency needs for a baby due to their smaller size isn't as much. However that smaller size is also why thicker is seen as more babyish because even though the diaper itself is technically thicker, proportionally to the body of a baby it is thicker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maybebabymaybenot View Post
    Is wearing a thicker diaper really more infantile? Or do we just assume it is? And if we do, why?
    Part of it is because thick diapers were the norm until the early 90s when they started loading them up with SAP, thinning them out. One thing I've noticed is that most people's preferences seem to be what they remember as the norm when their sensibilities first began to manifest (example: I trace my own tendencies back to age 5, and my preferences fit in with what was common in the late 80s, with a little bit of triangle-style cloth [with one giant pin in the front] due to old cartoons).

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    I think the best summary reply is: "try it, you might like it"

    I'm also personally a fan of trying more than one or two at a time. I try to sample "by the bag" where possible. ABU is really nice that way, you can contact them and request a very specific mixed case without paying a fortune. (I think they price the case based on the case price of the most expensive model in the variety) This can work out a LOT cheaper than getting a case of samples from like DiaperConn etc, and gets you a huge variety and enough padding to comfortably "binge" on for awhile. Sometimes it takes two or three shots with a diaper to get the hang of fitting and taping it and seeing how well it works for you.

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    I don't like overly thick and crinkly diapers either. I'm firmly in the plastic backed camp though, but for pratical reasons: I have yet to see a cotton feel diaper that stays in shape and has the same level of odour control as a decent plastic backed one.

    My absolute favourites are Tena Super and Maxi, the Active Fit variant is the one to get these days. It's a discreet and rather silent diaper but really swells up with use. So I it's kind of the best of both worlds for me.

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    Ultra thick to where I struggle to walk or close my legs is sexual esctacy and euphoria for me.

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