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    Red face Hi

    Hello. I'm a 26 year old female from northern California. I have a strong inner child inside me, who's about four or five. I hope I can learn to nurture her here. Thanks for reading!

    ETA: Just read a sticky that suggested I include my interests, which, uhm, of course I should!

    I like to listen to music and YouTube videos. I also watch Twitch streams. I edit and read Wikipedia on occasion. Because of a couple developmental disabilities and depression, I am on disability.
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    Welcome to ADISC
    We all need something to release stress or to handle something or want to get happy
    and i think one of the best things to do is find your inner child and be that child.
    And i think the best way to get into your inner Child for me is wearing a diaper having my onsie on and
    lay in my bad and from time to time ill drink from my bottle its super confortable something what could
    make that even better would be someone to chill who do the same and play games together...

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    Hello and welcome! Might I ask who's your favorite YouTuber?

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    Hi I also suffered from depression and just had my mom die last month, I also have a very strong inner child of 2 years, an infant and of a 9 year old, you will fit in here nicely, some of us have had to go through hell and back too. Hope you are alright and keep strong.

    About me I regress by wearing my diapers, having my binky boos and playing with toys! What about you?

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