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Thread: Night lights

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    Default Night lights

    I still sleep with it I been using them as I can remember if ill go somewhere ill sleep with tv on our light from bathroom when am in hotel how about you guys?

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    I absolutely can't sleep with it being pitch black. Most of the time a bathroom light will do.. but sometimes, ever so occasionally, there is that odd sort of night where you suddenly don't feel so secure. For whatever reason, the night is giving me the heebie jeebies and I am a little rattled. Those quiet nights is exactly when a little night light is perfect. I can get lost in happier thoughts and feel a little more secure. It takes me back to a happier feeling too.

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    I sleep with some light on, but that's mostly because I get night time hallucinations. (sometimes when I fall asleep or wake up)

    That, and it makes me feel safer, for some odd reason. maybe it's because of the monster under my bed (I'm joking)

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    I'd like to have night lights so I can walk around my house safely without turning lights on.

    That, and my inner child kind of likes them, too.

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    I'll skip the dark part of the night. Infact, I'm waiting for the sun to come up to sleep.

    Daddypantsu leaves the closet light on when he leaves for work. Sometimes the hallway light - and he's made that a habit since the beginning after some fussing to remind him. I have irrational fears about the dark, which I know are stupid, yet I still have to have a light on. Things go bump in the night~! Or rather! Nothing happens at all! But the imagination is rude. /:

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    Same here my night light is my computer tower. Lol

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    No thanks. Although I can sleep with lights on, I prefer it as dark as possible when I'm trying to sleep.

    I've played around with a nightlight/white noise app on my tablet but it was only the disruption to my normal routine that made it fun. I usually wound up turning it off so I could sleep better.

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    I have alot of light from my computer and other stuff. It doesn't bother me.

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    I've really been thinking about buying a nightlight, I had one until I was about 8 years old and I always sleep better with someone in the same room as me, or something like a fan turned on or a light

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    Although I can sleep with some lights on, I prefer to have all lights off. I even close my shades but this is so in the morning I do not get the sun shinning in my window.

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