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Thread: New Bambinos

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    Default New Bambinos

    So, I was recently looking at Bambino's website. (Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products!)

    If you look towards the bottom of the page, you'll see they have a "new product." Anyone have any idea as to what it is? As for me, I think they might be doing a pull-on kind, but that wouldn't make complete sense...

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Bambino said they'll release whatever their upcoming product is very soon, in a matter of days now, so we'll just have to see....I thinking maybe it's a different color/printed diaper, or perhaps a thicker classico diaper? That'd be nice...

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    Good new website, at a minimum. I like it.

    A little bit about the way Bambino works:
    They also run Secure Personal Care. It's impossible to run a business like that catering exclusively to AB/DLs. They probably have an AB/DL in a senior staff position and thus have Bambino running as a side business. They don't have the resources to do their own manufacturing, so they have a contractor that handles their "special order." It is still a side business. If they have a lot of order volume going to SPC, Bambino has to take second priority. Of course they still fill orders, since they all go to the same place, but putting extra time and effort into Bambino requires taking a break from their mainline business.

    AB/DLs are fun, but in the world of business, the attention has to fall with the majority of the customer base.


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    Well I hope they release a pull up with designes similar to what huggies used to put on there pull ups in the mid 90's. Upgraded absorbancy and leak guard are a must though.

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    I got my case in yesterday. I can't tell any difference between what I got and Bambinos I have had in the past... maybe I got some old stock they had left, who knows.

    Honestly though I am still pleased with the product. Bambino is the softest most comfortable diaper I have ever worn... and the lower price certainly helps them be more competitive with major medical brands like Abena and Molicare.

    If you haven't tried these yet and can get them... they are definately worth getting, especially for folks who just wear occasionally and can really appreciate the babyish look.

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    I think I might get some of these now that the price dropped, although I'm pretty curious about this "new" product. IDK, we'll see, only a couple more days.

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    I bet it's a new print.
    Well I hope so anyway.

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    Okay... just changed and I noticed something. The inner lining of the new Bambinos is indeed different. The micro-pores are larger and visible to the naked eye... it sure helps with capacity. That one lasted me from 8:00AM this morning till 2:00PM... and I even had two extra glasses of sweet tea with lunch (I love that stuff!). Honestly the diaper probably could have held a bit more... but I didn't want to risk springing a leak at work.

    Overall I will say I'm most impressed.

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