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    I've never done any business with Abuniverse. I'm looking at purchasing some more diapers, soon. I like thickness, and a medium crinkle factor. And I've read great things about the ABU space. I'm interested in the ABU plain and simple. It's supposed to be just like the space in capacity and durability, just plain and white. Has anyone tried these? Are they as good as the space? What's the company like?

    On a side note, I'm glad we made it through that crap from minecraf69kids (or whatever their name was) yesterday. It's too bad people like that have to make the world a more difficult place.

    Here's hoping everyone's day is a good one.

    Stay padded, my friends,

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    I like the ABU simple, but I like the Confidry 24/7 better.
    My comparison of mediums indicated the Confidry was slightly thicker in the rear and they fit better for me.
    I think cost is very similar

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    I have tried most of their products and have liked each one I have tried. Their quality is top notch in my limited experience when they say their tapes are refasten-able they mean it. They claim that the simple is the same design/shell as the space just without the color or anything and that seems to be the case. I also really like their vintage product line with single tapes on each side but I have heard others complain about them not fitting correctly. I have yet to have any ABU product leak (only one month of using their products so far tho.) Their customer service is good and they mark items sold out as needed (apparently this was an issue for them in the past.) I really like that my cushies don't crinkle so loud that they wake the neighbors like some other diapers do but space and simple were a bit louder to me while still being relatively quite. My wife likes to joke that I am hiding snacks in bed when I wear other diapers but sometimes she won't even know when I am wearing cushies if she can't see them. Shipping takes a while to get to where I am on the other side of the county from them but I does go out on the same day if you get your order in before their posted deadline.

    All in all I say if you are looking to try their products then go for it! Good luck

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    ABU's diapers are pricey, but their worth their weight in gold. I've tried space, simple, and super dry kids and I was thoroughly satisfied with all them. They all feel really thick, and as long as the tapes are properly fastened you won't have any parts of the diaper feeling loose, like Bambino's diapers get sometimes, so they're really comfortable. They're also some of the most absorbent diapers out there. Also, when I ordered from them, they sent me some lollipops to go with my diapers, nice touch.

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    ABU makes some of the best diapers on the market in my opinion. They also have probably the best customer service provided by any diaper company. I have tried SDKs, Cushies, and Space and have never been disappointed. The Space is my favorite in their line because of its absorbency and durability, they also hold up really well to the end unlike other high capacity diapers. You really can't go wrong with ABU because they take their business very serious and are more than willing to correct a problem.

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    My fav are sdk v2 i like the single tape makes changes alot easier. And so 90s to me (pampers from 90s)

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    I've heard that the Space diapers hold a huge amount but that they may have a problem with press out leakage. Does anyone have any experience good or bad concerning press out leakage?

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    I am in Australia so deal with their fabulous reseller here but I did write to ABU with my opinion on what their next product should be and was very pleasantly surprised to receive not only a reply back but a personalised reply that was charming... So believe they are awesome to deal with.

    As for their products, top notch. Thickness and absorbency are amazing in the Space/Simple (yes they are the same), the crinkle factor I understand is less than it used to be but otherwise they are absolutely 100% worth buying.

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    I've ordered from them a few times, but it's been quite a while since my last order. They were great with shipping, I recommend one of their Sampler packs if they still sell it, it was like one of every product they sell.


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    Definitely try out their sample packs if you think you may be between sizes. Otherwise I would highly recommend ABU. There's not a product in their lineup that I don't like. Their Space/Simple/LittlePaws are the best, though I'm a bit biased toward their little paws print just because I love the design.

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