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Thread: hello from france

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    Default hello from france

    hi all im pierre from france, exactly south west of france, next to bayonne

    i love to read this website because is one of the best about new diaper etc ...

    i have fetish diaper since i was a child and now im 26 old and now i enjoy abdl diaper but the most of the times it was "secret"

    if i have girldfriend i lld task her or maybe not lol buthappy to be in life so nvm

    maybe i ll not talk to much because i have not a strong english maybe i dont know ...

    have a nice day,


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    Welcome buddy

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    This is a good place to practice your English. Your post took a little longer to read but I was able to understand what you were saying (I think) so your English is good enough.

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    Welcome. If you need help with your English, just ask! Anyway how do you like to regress?

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