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Thread: (: Hello from Missouri

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    Talking (: Hello from Missouri


    My name's Jayk (Pronounced like Jake. please... Don't decapitate the Jay from the K).

    I'm here cuz I'm cool and hear you all are cool too

    My favorite series in the world is Heroes. My favorite pizza is the cheddar and Ham at cici's (maybe that's local?). I love cookies.

    I love to program. And I make a dollar a day from ads on my website.

    I'm gay, and I'm really smart too.

    Nice to meet you all (:

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    Thumbs up

    Hello mister fairest and fallen



    hmmm I had the perfect little avatar but I can't find it anymore. Sad day.

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    Yo. This has to be one of the more interesting intros I've read on here . I do quite a lot of programming myself. What do you like to code?

    Anyway, welcome!

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    Oooo everything. I like to talk to computers, so I invest lots of time in figuring out different programming languages.

    So far, I'm amazing at Visual Basic (heh), fairly adept at C++, awesome at HTML and CSS, quite a newbie at PHP (though I think I'm getting something... not sure), and I have no clue about the lower programming languages (... i think I learned regular basic when I was like in fifth grade. That's as low as I go).

    I'm also fairly certain I know a lot of other languages without realizing it (like I just found out I can program morrowind mods too... which needs a language, but one only used for one thing). I just sorta pick it up.

    What about you? I'm sure you know a bit more.

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    That was quite an interesting intro! Hahah!

    CiCi's isn't just a Missouri thing. We have them here in Texas, too.

    Welcome to ADISC, and enjoy!

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Well, I guess JayK decided to not only decapitate the K from the Jay, but also his head from the rest of the body...and deleted his account.
    I'm pretty sure why...he found out that, in fact, he's (a) No-One


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