Anyone else here track down albums extras and b-sides to singles from albums and out-takes? For me I think it started with Steely Dan's Gaucho, when I read about a song called The Second Arrangement. I then found a bootleg called the gaucho outtakes which included several demos and songs that never appeared on the album. I was blown away with the sound and since then I've been fascinated by the stuff that doesn't end up on the album. Some of my recent favorites include the b-side to system of survival by Earth, Wind and Fire, Writing on the Wall which is a great track that deserves an electronic release like there other tracks, Anything for love a Doobie brothers b-side to the doctor, was included as one of the extra tracks on the remastered cycles album from 2002 (your better off getting the doctor cd and a used copy of cycles as a fair number of people lie about this one on eBay, a legit one would cost more then buying it used and the single CDs). String of Pearls a Japan only Release for Night and Day:Big Band by Chicago. Lies I can believe Outtake from 11 tracks of Whack Walter Becker.

So anyone else have this kind of interest in adding extra tracks to their iTunes libraries?