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Thread: thickest adult diaper now? foresite am pm?

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    Default thickest adult diaper now? foresite am pm?

    what is the thickest diaper out there to date now? is it the foresite am:pm or the abu space diaper? Thanks guys!

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    I think people have said its' the ABU Space Diaper.

    I've never heard of the foresite brand though.

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    I would have to say the ABU Space Diaper, but then again I don't think I've ever heard of forsite. ABU diapers are some of, if not the nicest diapers I have tried. It's a matter of personal opinion.
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    ABU Simples are the thickest and I believe the nicest diapers I've worn. The few I had were awesome, though size medium was a little snug on me.
    They got even thicker when I added Abena maxi boosters to them ^u^

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    Are these diapers thicker than the Fabine's? I thought those were the thickest still.

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    The Foresite AM/PM diaper is out of Canada , they will send you a free sample however it's $ 20 US for the shipping, they have been liked by many people as a nice thick premium however those people are Canadian who truly get it free , we in the US get stiffed.

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    Everyone tells me it's Rearz Safari or whatever. I have no idea~

    But Space/Pawz are deeeefinitely super duper thick.

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    Also never seen the forsite am:pm though the pics on the net make them look ok.

    ABU simple/space are not only thick though they are super wide in the crotch making them a serious diaper.

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    I haven't tried the Foresite and hadn't heard about them until now. But I'd have to say the Rearz diapers are probably the thickest I've ever tried. Quite comfortable too. Thought the ABU diapers are a legit substitute.

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    Although ABU's Space/Simple model is very thick, they are 7.4oz/pc vs the Safari/Princes's 7.7oz/pc. Slightly more weight.

    For flat-out thickness, the safari are noticeably thicker when dry than the Space. I suspect the safari are heavier not due to more sap, but due to more pulp. They seem to wick a little better, and the increase in thickness seems about right for the gain in weight. 0.3oz is not a lot more sap by dry mass, but IS a lot more pulp)

    TBH though, you will be extremely hard-pressed to reach capacity in either of these diapers. I've taken a space to the wall only twice, and have yet to top off a safari.

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