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    Anyone know of any ABDL games one could play or download on the computer?

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    I dont think its "realy" that AB/DL and someone could missunderstand it but "Who´s your Daddy" is a game where 2 people play against each other as Daddy u have to take care about the baby and as baby u have to make trouble by trying to kill yourself that sounds pretty awfull but the idea behind it is that u if u dont watch your baby and grab the stuff and it could eat something that makes your baby sick and as daddy u can feed them with fruits to heal them from their illness but thats the only one i could think of... here is a Steam-Link:

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    There is an ABDL online MUD. It's pretty crazy. I've always wanted to make an ABDL game - I can handle the programming, but lacking the art there isn't much I can do.

    There is also an ABDL RPG. just google search these terms, I do not think we are supposed to link these games, especially the MUD I've seen it get the black sheep treatment.

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    My imagination must be on overdrive with the Olympics in the news so often lately.

    I just envisioned The Diaper Games with men and women playing sports of all types dressed exclusively in AB attire.

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