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    Ever since I told my aunt, dad and brother about me playing with toys, I feel little again, me and dad have played together and discussed toys. His friend even knows and accepts me and i can play in front of her without feeling judged. I feel so relieved and little at the same time that I don't need to hide myself anymore as a person and I can be a proper child again, dad said that he was going to make Christmas really special this year. I feel upset that my mom is gone but she was judgemental and I could never explain myself without her shouting at me and making me feel bad, but then again she might have a different response.

    I thought dad was the same because dad had to defend her because she wasn't a really nice person, I am afraid to say but I love her to bits and miss her. I found out my dad has a scary exterior but inside he is a child at heart as well.

    Dad had a toy box that he used for his tools and me and him exchanged the box for the beach bag I have been using as a toy box, I got a bargain there without spending a penny! I used to hide my toys under the bed but now I have them in full view, plus it was hard to keep zipping the bag up again and I was tired of rummaging in a tightly contained bag.

    But the thing is, it has totally regressed me and I find it easier to use my diaper. Strange huh! I am looking to get some kiddie wall stickers for my room and I found a fairy bed sheets that I am currently kicking myself over because last time I didn't get them because my family didn't know!

    Quick question: should I tell my dad about my pacifiers so I can have one in my mouth around him? So you think it's early days to tell him after 1-2 weeks after telling him I like toys?

    My reasons for telling him are because I can just tell him I like how pacifiers look and feel in my mouth and if I get "caught" with one in mouth, my dad knows why. Pacifiers while they look babish, they are harmless and if he says my teeth will get bad, I will mention I have been sucking my thumb my entire life and my teeth are fine and that thumbs are more likely to ruin your teeth then pacifiers because thumbs are harder.

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    For a pacifier I think talking to him a bit further about your little side might be needed. In happy you're making progress in being who you are around those close to you.

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    I was going to suggest talking to him as well. You might simply ask him, "Would it upset you if I had a pacifier?" I sometimes give my wife a heads up when I want to use my baby bottle. I just tell her I'm in a very little mood and I want to drink from my bottle. She's cool with it, but by giving her ample warning, she isn't surprised by it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    dad said that he was going to make Christmas really special this year.
    I wish I could get toys for Christmas...

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    In that your family has endured a traumatic loss, I would take things slower. Although they have been accepting, I think it's quite possible that could see your behavior in light of that loss rather than something that you've been thinking about for a long time. Everyone grieves at different rates. I'd suggest letting your family find a new normal before giving them something unusual to deal with.

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    I think playing with toys still "ok" around the people, but if you suck pacifier, I think there needs to be an agreement and understanding between you and your father. Yep, because it was very babyish, rather than playing with toys. Me myself to use the goods of babyish, cannot in arbitrarily placed, because you now, people will think we're weird, right? Why? Because they do not know our out lives.

    So I guess to follow a few points bellow:

    *Ensure that your father has been very understanding about your willing.

    *Do not to be worried about whatever happens, he's you father, he will understand you.

    *Do not be to hasty if you want something to action, take slowly and make sure that your father was not upset to see what you're doing.

    *If your father gives suggestions because he already knows you, you should follow that.

    For some people will fail if there is no understanding between the two of them, so people will see the acts is weird inappropriate, because the lack of understanding.

    Tell your father, well as dogboy said simply ask him "would it upset you if I had a pacifier?"
    And I'm sure you father will understand and known you , because his is parent, why not?
    Parents must do the best for their children.

    Sorry for bad spelling if you find it.
    Thank you


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    talk to him about your little side you will get so much more out of it and you can buy adult pacifiers and I don't think they cost a lot

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