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Thread: Any ps4 users?

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    Default Any ps4 users?

    Anyone want to join me for a game? Username is DefterDrims. Ive got today and tomorrow off so just message me on PSN if you want to hang out.

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    Nope. Nobody uses that junk on this forum. Hahaha! Just some friendly ribbing because no one has answered yet. I don't have a PS4 though, sorry.

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    I do apologize. I've been rather lazy about resetting my password to even make a post, but now that is taken care of. You can add me if you want. It's the same as my user name for this site. Sadly, I'm mainly a morning player due to my work schedule. If I'm on, I'm on. If not, I'm not.

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    Sadly because of my overseas student duty I leave my PS4 at home. But end of the year I will definitely come home and play. It's ArcherIDN. I'm mostly playing racing or FPS but it would be great to have more friends.

    Oh. Those who own XBLIVE can add me with the same name as my PSN.

    I remember we had this thread looong way ago. It would be great to revive it again

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    I play the Playstation 4 and really love it. Pretty much my entire library is single player anime JRPG's though..

    I'm trash, yay! ♥

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    Yeah definatly!!!

    I got like 3 psn ID's I use the most:

    heartxofxsorrow my main psn account ID

    yurgurdianangel ( starting off fresh on blackops3 zombies) as my main account is prestige master level 1000

    Also got yurguardianangel but forget login but one day will ring sony to login to that.

    marvellousmarkus my GTAV online ONLY account

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