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    Watched the DNC the last couple nights..... As you might imagine, I got a few chuckles over the speeches, mocked the inevitable parade of victims, and puzzled over the fact that there were rainbow flags, Puerto Rican, Mexican, and various other flags in evidence in the crowd, but no U.S. flags to be found.

    That's got nothing to do with PBS, though. Since there was zip on TV other than reruns, and I don't have cable, my choices were limited to CBS, ABC, NBC, WGN, and PBS. PBS (WTTW, ch 11 here in Chicago) was the only one to start coverage at 7 central rather than 9, so 11-1 here we come. No, that's not why they get the kudos either.

    I love a lot of PBS programming, but my limited past experience with their news operations left me (pun intended) with an awful liberal aftertaste. Their convention team, however, impressed me by doing their level best to be unbiased and just report things as they happened. I wish I had gone to them for RNC coverage, assuming they did it.

    The difference was particularly striking yesterday when I switched over to NBC at 10pm in hopes of catching local news, only to find Chuck Todd, et all, still hyperventilating over the fairytale masterfully told by our first black President, and the prospect of his alleged wife becoming the first alleged female president.

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    I have been listening to both off and on NPR and yes there is a slight biases, but the post speech summaries where fair.

    I like what our local radio celeb said this morning about his vote in November; "I will close my eyes, vote, and then go take a bleach bath to read myself of the slime"

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    I've been listening to NPR for a long time and they are reasonably fair and balanced which is a lot more than one can say for Fox and Friends. NPR can also be boring, so I guess that's the price for being intelligent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    I wish I had gone to them for RNC coverage, assuming they did it.
    Their politics team did great coverage of the RNC. Got me through the whole thing

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