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Thread: Other fizzy drinks

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    Default Other fizzy drinks

    With all the coke/cola/soda/pop/etc (pick one) discussion, what about the other soft drinks? Do you prefer 7up or Sprite? Fanta or Club Orange? Do you like lucozade?

    Personally I prefer 7up and fanta. I thought the old lucozade was meh and don't like the new one.

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    I don't really drink coke or anything like that. The caffeine in it is better for me not to have. I love Fanta or Tango, especially Fanta and especially the orange variety.

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    Fizzy lemonade.

    Or a shandy.

    But I've not had either of those in about 18 years.

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    Enviga is pretty good. I'd drink it more if it weren't so damned expensive. Marketing it as a diet supplement was the dumbest idea ever. But it does taste good .

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    I like Sprite, never really cared for Fanta, and don't have the slightest idea what Lucozade is.

    To be honest, I much prefer regular fruit juices or fizzy water. If I have to drink soda I prefer Jul/Påsk-must or Ginger Ale.

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    Sarsaparilla anyone? I've heard it's mainly an Australian thing, although it's similar to "Root Beer" in America.

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    The beverage company "Suburban Club" used to have a cherry soft drink called, oddly enough, "Almond Smash" back when I was in school. I thought it tasted pretty good. I don't even know if Suburban Club is still around as I haven't seen or heard the name for quite some time. Might have been bought out by another company.


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    Fanta Orange and Grape soda are the only two sodas for me.

    I don't really like fizzyness of carbonated drinks. It burns my throat.

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    Ya know, I never had a Lucozade... Anyway, I am a fan of that Italian cola-like thing, Chinotto.

    Its not too carbonated, but the bitter herbal medicinal flavor is refreshing and stimulating all by itself. Keep sipping it and the bitter taste grows on you. Its a powerful flavor, it lingers on the tongue like a sharp radish or bitter lettuce long after you've swallowed.
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