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Thread: Hi Everyone

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    Default Hi Everyone

    Hi Everybody!

    Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a 22 yo AB/DL living in Oregon. I've been into the scene since 14 and I am mainly a lurker, however I occasionally post a topic or two.

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    Hey Scubadiaper; welcome to ADISC : )

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    Hey Scuba, welcome to ADISC. You'll definitely like the stuff we've got here.

    Do consider participating instead of just lurking. You'll get degraded access if you don't post, in addition to the fact that posting is half the fun (at least). This post of mine might help you understand this more.

    Be sure to post around and check out the wiki!

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    Quote Originally Posted by closet dl View Post
    Scuba - diaper Wow, what a strange combination!
    Actually, it's probably a good idea. From my time in wetsuits at 30 feet and more, I know that I usually lose my pee before I have a chance to get out of it. I think that's because of the cold water affecting my bladder.

    So a swimmer diaper would have been a good addition to my equipment.

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    And um... yeah, a scuba diaper does sound like a pretty good idea if that's how things end up.

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    Come to think of it, a diaper would be even better in a dry-suit, if I ever get one

    Anyway, Scubadiaper, how'd you come up with that nickname?

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    He came to join the


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