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Thread: Hobbies and intrests

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    Default Hobbies and intrests

    Hey I'm curious as to what some of the community members do in their spare time, besides the obvious. For example I'm a rock climber I started the beginning of this year but I freaking love it. Is there anyone else who's a avid climber. Or do you have another hobby that you absolutely in love with?

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    I am all about my reef aquarium hobby (addiction? the line is blurry). Growing coral and raising fish takes up much of my free time and money. Rock climbing sounds like a ton of fun though. I wish I were in shape enough to get into it.

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    Jeepin', hiking, fishing, shooting, bowling, sailing, swimming, using my smoker, gardening, landscaping...I guess I pretty much like being outside.

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    Definitely outdoorsy here, except I am a bit time-poor with work.

    Kayaking, fishing, SUPing, outdoor rock climbing, quad skating, longboarding (skateboard), amongst other things.

    Trail running is a big passion at the moment, helps me knock off some stress on a pinch.

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    The aquarium sounds awesome! What kind of fish do you have in it? You should send a picture too, you have me intrested.

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    My biggest hobby is drawing. Also enjoy playing videogames.

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    Gotta ask ps4 , Xbox, or pc

    - - - Updated - - -

    Your an interesting character do you play alot of Minecraft or am I reading you wrong Minecraft kid?
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    Camping, boating, hiking, hunting, drone-flying, electronics, programming, ham radio, photography, video production, retro video games, drawing, rock collecting... diapers...

    I have two kids, so I'm also slightly into just about everything they're into--Pokemon, Minecraft, etc.

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    [QUOTE=RzHeck;1384720]Gotta ask ps4 , Xbox, or pc[QUOTE]

    Mostly Nintendo and a little bit PC. I don't really own a super-duper-hightech-gaming PC, so there's a limit to which games I can play.
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