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Thread: Computer games for little time.

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    Question Computer games for little time.

    Was wondering if people have certain computer games they play when they go "little"

    I'm trying to get more into being little and I like gaming.. so I thought why not mix them...

    I don't mind if the game is console, handheld or PC... please recommend anything that would be good for a little to play.

    So far I own very few little games and the only ones that come to mind are the Lego series, which I think are quite fun.

    *gets dribble over the controller while trying to think of more*

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    probably avoid anything violent lol. Minecraft sounds like a great place to start imo.

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    Minecraft, maybe with a more childish texture pack (if available)...or maybe ARK? You know, dinosaurs! RAWR!!

    There is a game called 'Simple Planes' (available via Steam) where you can build an fly your own aircraft, but I don't know if that one is good.

    I usually play more violent games sry x3

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    I might be weird, but Age of Empires II. For one, it's a game I grew up with, and for two I like make believing I'm either a child-emperor or a "depraved" ABDL Emperor, :P

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    I mostly have more violent games at the moment, not something I want to play as a little.

    Minecraft sounds like a good choice, not played ARK but I have seen it so I will look again at that.
    Simple planes is fun I have played that before.
    never played any of the Age of Empires games, I always found they looked quite complex..

    Please keep the suggestions coming

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carolus View Post
    I might be weird, but Age of Empires II. For one, it's a game I grew up with, and for two I like make believing I'm either a child-emperor or a "depraved" ABDL Emperor, :P
    I still play AoE II on steam with the newest patch. Its a ton of fun!

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    When I go little, I usually play games I had when I was a little kid. Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Donkey Kong 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Hey you Pikachu, and Skullmonkeys.

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    I enjoy playing an adventure game called The Secret of Monkey Island in little mode

    city building games are my favorite for little time though, games like Banished.

    Even some older games are still favorites, there used to be a game called Zeus/Poseidon in which you were tasked with building a Greek city state in the midst of troublesome rival cities, and fickle gods. it was a great game and its too bad they never remade it.

    OH OH and zelda!!! Wind waker! imo perfect game for littles

    All in all non electronic Little Games are the best.
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    when i was a kid i played freddie the fish and putt putt i just got them again on steam love for little time

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    I'd highly recommend some older ds games. They're easily playable on emulators now, but way more fun on the ds.
    There's my sims party, bratz ponyz 2, good old mario kart, rayman tv and a bunch of games in which you take care of animals.
    For the pc there's at least one littlest petshop game, spyfox
    I'd also try to listen to the game's music if you can, this gets you way more into it

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