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Thread: Landlady threw out my bike...?

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    Default Landlady threw out my bike...?

    So I just moved (*whew*), and everything was accounted for before I left.
    ...except for my bike.
    After doing a final walk through of the place, I remembered my bike, which was the last thing I needed to grab. I went outside to where the bike rack was... Or used to be. I look all around me to find that it was moved 50 or so feet away, across the parking lot, completely empty, save for a few heavy-duty locks.
    I went to go ask my landlady what happened to all the bikes, as mine was on the rack, and she said that the maintenance guy came in and took them all, as they, and I quote, "weren't whole bikes anymore."...ummm, okay?
    I can assure you, my bike was whole the last I checked, with the wheel and frame both locked up to the rack so as to discourage theft of the front wheel.

    I wasn't moved out before all of the bikes were removed, I had made all my payments on time and in full, and was overall a model tenant. Did they have a right to take my bike, even if it wasn't "whole" anymore? I hadn't actually gone out to look at the bike rack in a while, thinking it would be there when I needed/wanted it. So maybe something was removed from it, like the seat or back wheel. Still, though, what gives? Have any of you heard of anything like this, or had this happen to you (and what did you do if something like it did?)

    If they don't have it anymore, I expect to be reimbursed (it was $250, new), on top of my $400 security deposit. It seems illegal and down right uncalled for imo.

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    If you can prove that they didn't try to warn anyone that they were going to throw away the bikes that were out there, then you may have grounds for a suit in small claims court. How much was the bike worth?

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    I don't think I could go more than a day without seeing my bike...

    Far more important to me than diapers.

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    Im so sorry this happened to you, It sounds like your land lady was caught with her hand in the cookie jar!

    Is she willing to help you contact this maintenance feller?

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    I do think it would be advisable to consult with a legal advocate in your area. Landlord-Tenant law can differ significantly depending on the state or province in which you reside, so it would be best to consult with someone in your area who is knowledgeable about the legislation. There are a number of questions that need be addressed here. Is there a lease? Does the lease indicate the use of the bike rack? Is the landlord responsible for providing the bike rack? Was there a verbal or implied agreement about usage of the bike rack? Was the landlord aware specifically that you were locking your bike on the rack? How long ago were the bikes removed? Why was the bike rack moved? Where did the maintenance guy take them? Can the bike be retrieved? (I'm assuming not).

    In many cases, landlords have the right to withdraw a service or facility, and the tenant may be entitled to a corresponding rent reduction. However, if the service is withdrawn, the landlord has a responsibility to notify the tenants and allow them a reasonable period of time to remove their personal property from the facility prior to discarding it.

    If the incident happened prior to your move-out date and you had not turned in the keys, the landlord may very well be held liable for costs. I'm wondering about the possibility of a group action with some of your former neighbours who also lost their bikes in the purge. Neighbours and witnesses can play a key part of any hearing so other tenants who suffered a similar loss could not only support your case, they may be entitled to financial compensation as well. The landlord's credibility would certainly come under scrutiny if there was no notice given to any of the tenants to remove their bikes, and the landlord's only defence is that they were all 'not whole bikes.'

    There should also be some proof around the cost of the bike, particularly receipts, pictures of your bike, the age of the bike, witnesses who saw it, etc. Friends or family could also testify about the bike if they ever rode with you to describe the bike and the shape it was in.

    Again, do get some advice before pursuing the matter. The link below may be a good start:

    Good luck.
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    This why you always keep your bicycle inside, it's much better for the bicycle. Landlords tend to not care about anything anyway.

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