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Thread: Your Dream Cloth Diaper

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    Default Your Dream Cloth Diaper

    HI all,

    What would your dream cloth diaper look like? Style, cut, color/print/pattern, all-in-one (AIO) or separate cloth diaper and cover? Velcro, snaps or pins?
    What kind of fit do you look for?

    All comments are welcome!

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    style: Like a disposable. XD
    color/print/pattern: I want it to look like the discontinued line of pampers pull-ups from back in the day.
    Thickness: About an inch, to an inch and a half. :]
    Also, it'd be cool if it had a plastic outside so I didn't need to wear plastic pants. :O

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    I saw these really cute blue training pants style cloth diapers on craigslist, i would like those with a lot more padding.

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    There is some woman who makes all kinds of training pants with all these babyish prints. I'm too lazy to go look for the site, but they look really nice. I would love some of those, but it looks like a real pain to order because you would have to have all these sizes, and then the web site says that it's hard for her to get a lot of the prints. Geez!

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    Actually, I like the pull-on style of cloth diapers from Babykins products. They fit very well, absorb a lot and are soft and comfortable. I like both the solid colors and the prints they have, but wish I could choose the print I want.

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    I wet it last night in a dream.

    It would be thick, absorbent, and have soaker layers that don't fall apart.

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    My ideal is a flat contour fit with elastic leg gathers and velcro closures and a THICK soaker panel. Plain white is fine because I use plastic pants. Plastic pants can be fun because you can get so many different styles to match your mood, outfit, whatever.

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    a prefolded diaper with about 1.5-2 inches in the center. I would either like it plain white or with a babyish pattern on the front of it. Usually i like prints on my plastic pants though.

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    I am wearing my dream diaper right now or, more precisely, my dream diaper ensemble--four Curity 21-by-40 flat gauze. With flat gauze you can shape or pad your diapers as you see fit.

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