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Thread: So my boyfriend and I agreed to have an open relationship

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    Default So my boyfriend and I agreed to have an open relationship

    I'm the one that brought it up, I mean we've been skimming over the topic for far too long and I really wanted to talk about it so we did. We agreed that as long as we were safe and told the other about the woman beforehand (preferably with the other spouse having a conversation with her) it would be perfectly fine. I believe that, I'm just slightly worried he'll find someone better now.

    I'm bisexual, I've always preferred women and well, I really want to explore that side of my sexuality with and without him. He knows that, hell he supports it. But we both know that I'm really shy and really fucking picky about who I'm with so for me, there's a much lesser chance that I'll be with anyone.

    But him, he's already got girls going after him. I knew that before I started the conversation, but he just sorta gave me the facts on it. I don't know if he will fuck another girl, I trust him, I do. I guess I'm just selfish and don't want him to fall for another girl.

    It'd break my heart if he did.

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    Mommy and Me have an open relationship, I would love to talk more about this topic through PM, or if you have STEAM.
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    An open relationship goes both ways. If you can have a relationship with someone else so can he. It sounds to me like this isnt something you both wanted?
    Just my suggestion, but i think yall need to talk together on this one. Maybe set some ground rules. Because if you dont want him having sex or another relationship, then yall don't need to have an open relationship. Thats what it means to be open. Both parties may pursue others.
    And thats part of the risk. He may just fall for another female. You have to make sure your relationship is rock solid before you choose to bring others into it. If you are worried he will find someone new. Then it isnt as solid as you think it may be. Just my 2 cents.

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    just to clarify.

    noun: open relationship
    a marriage or relationship in which both partners agree that each may have sexual relations with others.


    the philosophy or state of being in love or romantically involved with more than one person at the same time.

    Being in an open relationship does not mean you plan on dating those you have sex with, nor does it imply the encounter would be a one time thing.

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