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Thread: How many on here wet the bed most nights

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    Default How many on here wet the bed most nights

    I wet the bed or at least I wet a nappy while asleep every night. I just wondered how many nightly bedwetters come on here?

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    I wet the bed and or diaper while asleep every night too. It has been that way since I was 6 years old .

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    I am an every night bedwetter, off and on first 60 years of my life and now I just diaper up every night cause I wet almost every night.

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    I wet the bed 6 of the last seven nights. I wore GoodNites and had a bed pad under me most of the time. One night my husband borrowed my pad for intimate time and forgot to return it so luckily I didn't leak that night. A couple other nights I leaked pretty good.

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    I am not wetting the bed but am wetting my Tranq Overnight pull-ups.

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    Yep, most most mornings I wake up with a wet diaper. Occasionally not though.

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    Yep, Iíve regressed back to wetting in my sleep most nights.

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    It is the greatest feeling. Best decision I ever made. No regrets. Wetting at night is part of who I am.

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