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    Hello everyone, a long time ago my mom discovered where i hide my diapers and she accepted, but now i have a problem, the shame to wear while she's not working, i want to wear but i feel a little ashamed to do this and walk in a diaper in front of her, well, with pants of course... Any advices?

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    I think once you do it a few times, you'll get over the shock and awe aspect of it and it won't feel so weird. I was a little weirded out the first few times I wore in front of my wife, but it also felt both liberating and "littelish". Try it and see what happens. Like you said, you'll be wearing pants anyway, so you aren't going to far or to the extreme.

    Now, I go to sleep diapered wearing only a night shirt and my diaper and it doesn't bother either one of us. It's just part of our routine. This can become part of your routine as well.

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    We will feel afraid when something that we are feared it, we do in public. It's nature. I myself for the first time wearing diapers in front of people also afraid too, but not for now, Because that was usually, I often hear this problem like this from some of the AB/DL person about their experience.

    Well, what is you ashamed for, is not your mother already knows that and accept you like this, so basically there's no need to ashmed.
    In this life , if you is familiar with something, then you certainly will not be embrassed,
    After all you said that your mother already knew that, right !?

    If you mother has already accept you, why you should be ashamed or afraid to her, you will continue to be haunted by the fear of ashamed of you still do not believed yoursrlf, so relaxed, ok!? There's no need to to be worry or ashmed, whatever you do is the best while you do not think negatively on you actions.

    Sorry if my english language word is bad.

    Thank you

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    You are embarking on a new chapter of your diaper wearing. Being nervous is normal. The more you wear and use your diapers the more comfortable you we be in each new setting. You are very fortunate to have a loving and supportive mother.


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    It's a new Dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me, and I'm feeling good !

    Nina Simone

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    Something else is i dont think she would ask/talk about it if she knows what it is and another thing is that most people...wont ever notice the crinkle hear it like a tank engine but to be hornest i was at the Bank and store with the bike and noone noticed even if people would noone would ever say something...they just ignore it people are so on ther own today...
    And your mother maybe wont even notice that...
    but i know what u mean she knows it but dont need to "see" you in "action" but think about it she saw u in diapers years ago and if you would realy be inco you would "need" to wear them and if u like them and wear them...where is your problem
    I hope it helps you

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    Thanks everyone for the answers! Now i am a little more confident

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    I've worn an abena M4 diaper in front of my mother before(concealed of course) Just do your thing, don't care what people think just live your life and embrace your weirdness.

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