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Thread: Crwaling

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    Default Crwaling

    I did it few times but it hurts my knees how about you guys?

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    I can not help but crawl on all-fours going up a flight of stairs, since I have Cerebral Palsy.
    Going down stairs, I scoot down them on my rear-end.

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    I primarily crawl in my living/dinning room which has carpet. In my den, it is tile and I don't crawl there. I haven't tried crawling in my yard yet...maybe someday.

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    Hehe I usually crawl when I'm too drunk to walk/stumble.

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    just don't crawl on gravel, I had to do that to fix a car once it really hurts way too much. I don't find crawling to bad on the keens so long as I'm wearing some pants on.

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    I usually have to kneel to get controllers from under the tv, so I crawl quite often while in baby mode, even if it is to only get controllers. I never actually thought about it before. :P

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    I like to crawl around my bedroom and go upstairs on my hands and feet, but my knees get a little sore after a while. I'm planning on ordering a really cheap pair of knee protectors, the ones they use for playing volleyball. (They were 2-3 dollars, but totally not cute :v)

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    Little babies must have very sore looking knees!

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    I get sores if I am not careful but I don't crawl as it's not my age play to crawl I just do when I am playing with my toys.

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    I don't like crawling that much I rather just walk.

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    Tried crawling. Now bruised as heck on my knees and elbows - but worth it, I guess.

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