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Thread: teething ring vs paciy(dummy)

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    Default teething ring vs paciy(dummy)

    if your a ab/toddler what do you like to bite/suck on ?

    because I like to be a toddler i like a teething ring

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    Well, for chewing on I like teething rings. But I love my paci too

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    I've never used a teething ring, and I honestly prefer my pacifier. It's just as good for chewing, except if you chew on it too much it wears out.

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    That sounds like an interesting idea, though. I want to try a teething ring. :O

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    I wouldn't mind trying a teething ring. Maybe I'll try to get one next time I go to the store. n.n;

    Though, I still love my pacis.

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    <3 my paci.

    It's pink and has a little butterfly on it. ^_^

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