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Thread: An Interesting Theory on Learning how to Wet

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    Default An Interesting Theory on Learning how to Wet

    Hey everyone!

    I thought of this the other day, and thought I'd share it with you. I don't know how many other people are accustomed to completely relaxing while sitting on the toilet, but I've found that if you pick a certain place in your house, like a certain chair, your bed, or the couch, and spend enough time wetting yourself there, eventually it'll be just like your body knows that you're on the toilet and it's okay to let go. So once you get accustomed to wetting in one place, just move onto the next place, or position for that matter, and repeat the process.

    What do you guys think about that?

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    One really needs to pee laying down or standing up, not sitting, to prevent leaks. One place to start is at a sink and start to let go when the water flows out of a the faucet which happens to some of us with stress or urge incontinence anyway. And to not leak, one had to have short soft dribbles or flows, let the diaper do its absorbing job and then flow again.

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    I can go whenever I want, where ever, as long as I know I'm in a diaper I can go.

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    just lie in bed eyes closed, move slowly to the edge of sleep and focus on relaxing the whole body when wearing and you will be surprised what happens.

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    I still struggle in some positions.

    I would say the easiest position for me to start with was standing up, leaning against something - and thinking about something else while gently pushing / letting go.

    Maybe TMI but it also seems to help me to have a bit of a push, then wait for a bit before pushing / letting go again when it more or less starts by itself.

    Then focus on keeping the flow going until it stops - and finally using the pelvic floor muscles to finish off.

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