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Thread: Greetings fellow forum members.

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    Default Greetings fellow forum members.

    I'll start this post of by stating that English is not my native language, and I do excuse any possible error in gramatics and/or spelling. I do feel that you should be able to understand me though.
    Enough with the excuses.

    Why this post?
    Well, I'm not really ashamed of admitting it but I'm a lurker in this as well as other forums. I feel like if I don't write anything in any forums I'm not "that" involved in what I see as a darker side of myself. But sometimes you must take the bull by its horn.

    Who am I?
    I am what most would call a "sporty guy". I like pretty much all sports involving a ball (or puck) and some kind of scoring system. That is even though I don't actually play any sports in any teams anymore.
    Besides from my interests in sports I like to relax with some computergames. I was totally hooked on WoW for a couple of years a while back, but now I mostly play some LoL, Diablo 3 and Hearts of Iron IV.

    Why am I here?
    I am here to read about other peoples experiences, learn tips and tricks and of course for the story section. I like to try writing stories myself an I have written a few, but I usually delete them once I am done as to "burn all the evidence" even though there is no way anyone will ever find them.

    Did I miss anything, feel free to ask me something and if it isn't too personal I'll try to answer.

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    Hello dabaim100 and welcome to the group.

    I do not think you have to worry about your grammar or spelling. You did better then some of the English as primary language users.

    Very nice introduction.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Yeah, I think you did a great job with your intro badaim. I too am a story teller. I have several short stories on this site as well as a novel published to Kindle. Writing stories allows us to create new realities where our characters can either do amazing things, or amazingly stupid things. I like writing about both...haha. Anyway, welcome!

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